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Warhammer 40K: Why Are The Dark Angels So Bad At Defending The Rock?

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Mar 7 2023
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Maybe the Dark Angels need to upgrade their security. The Rock just keeps getting attacked!

The Dark Angels, the old 1st Legion, are famous for their massive moving fortress monastery. It a big heavily armed chunk of world covered in guns. And yet the thing seems to get invaded rather often. Lets take a look at just how bad they are at protecting their home.

The Rock

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No, not that one.


The Rock is all that remains of the Dark Angels’ homeworld of Caliban. It’s a massive space born fortress monastery. The Rock is also riddled with tunnels and secretes and chambers. As a big old space thing in 40K, it also has to be prepared to face all kinds of stuff. As such its covered in guns, lunch bays and fleet hangers. It’s protected by shields and other protective devices strong enough to have let it survive the destruction of the world it was originally built upon.

On top of all of that its the home of one of the most powerful and secretive Space Marine Chapters. Security is so high that most sections are inaccessible to even members of the chapter who lives on it!  Given all that, and that fact it can you know, move, you’d think it would be pretty hard to invade. Well, turns out it’s not.

The First Invasion

After seemingly being pretty safe for a while (though this could be a lie) The Rock was attacked during lore updates in 8th Edition. The forces of Chaos under the Daemon Prince Marbas laid siege to it. Though some damage was done the Dark Angels were able to beat off the Daemon Prince. Most of them thought the attack was not a big deal. However the whole invasion was some what of a ruse. It turns out that the real goal behind it was to free/steal Luther. this arch-traitor has been imprisoned for 10,000 year. Now he is free. You would think after a disgrace this this the Dark Angels would beef up their defenses and make sure nothing similar could happen again.


A New Attack

Well here we are. An edition later and the Rock is under attack again. This time its under attack by… the forces of Chaos. But instead of being led by a Daemon Prince, they are lead by the Warp-Entity/wannabe Chaos god Vashtorr, so that’s different at least.  Vashtorr of course doesn’t have any history of fighting the Dark Angels, or a desire to destroy the Rock. In fact he’s attack also seems to mostly just be cover so that he can steal some hidden artifact there. Given that this isn’t the last book in Arks of Omens I also suspect he will succeed in getting it. This isn’t a record that Dwayne Johnson will be happy to see in his namesake.

Upgrades and  Awakenings

So yeah, that’s two editions in a row that Chaos forces have attacked the Rock. Three attacks if you count the OG one in the heresy that blew up Caliban. If this attacks goes the way it appears it will, it will be twice in a row that they’ve also succeeded in stealing/free something hidden there. Now the Rock might not get attacked as much as Macragge, but given that it’s a movable mega fortresses, this isn’t a great record for the 1st Legion. It really seems like they could use some extra security.

But seriously, the Dark Angels should really do something about this. It’s almost like the Unforgiven enjoy letting Chaos into their homes and hearts. But that’s pretty unlikely – right? Still back to back invasions of the Rock to steal stuff is a bit odd and repetitive, so lets hope this is the last time. If nothing else all the daemons traipsing, making a fuss, might wake someone important up.   


Let us know what you think about the repeated attacks on the Rock, down in the comments! 

Author: Abe Apfel
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