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Warhammer: 5 Of The Greatest Champions of Khorne

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Mar 15 2023
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With the Blades of Khorne Battletome around the corner we were wondering who the greatest champions of Khorne were. Here’s our top 5.

One of the greatest attributes of Khorne is his straightforward attitude and goals. No need for flashy magic or dirty tricks — he’s just going to punch you right in the mouth and claim your skull. I can appreciate his upfrontness and blunt persona. His followers share in those traits. But Khorne’s true champions embody them. Here’s 5 of his greatest champions from across the Mortal Realms and the Grimdark future!

#5 Karanak

Karanak is a daemonic flesh hound of Khorne but that doesn’t make him any less of a champion. He’s good boy, a loyal boy, and a furious boy all in one — I mean, he’s got three heads so of course he is! Karanak is the hunting hound of Khorne and has even inspired mortals to follow the ways of the Blood God. Not only will he sink his teeth into the enemy, he’s going to help recruit followers to the cause!

#4 Skulltaker

U’Zuhl, better known as Skulltaker, was created by Khorne with one goal in mind. If you need a hint, it’s in his name. It’s said that he chopped the head off the first creature he ever met — which was another Bloodletter — and thus started his long career of decapitation in honor of Khorne. He’s taken so many skulls for the Skull Throne that he has pleased even Khorne himself! The Blood God allows Skulltaker to keep a few skulls for himself as trophies which he wears on his cape. Maybe one day he’ll have followers of his own who chant “Skulls for the skull-cape!” I just hope all those skulls don’t go to his head.

 #3 Skarbrand


Okay, I had a choice to make. Would it be Skarbrand or Ka’Bandha on this list. And, while I do have a soft spot for Ka’Bandha, I had to go with my boy Skarbrand here. Why? Because Skarbrand is the only Bloodthirster to rage so hard that he thought he could take on Khorne himself! It didn’t end well for Skarbrand who was then thrown across the warp. He “flew” for 8 days and nights and left behind a “blazing trail of destruction” wherever he went. This meteoric feat ripped his wings to shreds and when he eventually landed collided with a surface, he left a massive canyon/crater behind.


But even this fateful flight didn’t end his rage. In fact, he rose up from the destruction and only raged even harder. And, while he might be a “Champion-in-exile” he still sheds blood and takes skulls for Khorne. Sorry An’ggrath, Skarbrand’s still our favorite!

#2 Angron

Angron, Primarch of the World Eaters and Daemon Prince of Khorne is #2 on our list! He’s got all the rage and daddy issues you can swing his mighty weapons at and has been an instrument of Khorne’s Wrath countless times. You’ve also got to admire that he essentially forged one of his own daemon weapons by literally beating another daemon to death and entrapping them inside a hunk of iron. What a BOSS! He’s certainly one of Khorne’s leading champions and is a pure terror to face off against.

#1 Khârn

Khârn is the greatest mortal champion of Khorne. He’s second to only Angron in power which is saying something! Then why is he #1 on this list? Because he’s technically still a mortal follower of Khorne. You’ve got to give it up for a mortal who can hang with the likes of these Bloodthirsters and Daemon Princes and still hold his own. He’s the avatar of Khorne in mortal form!


I know some will claim that he’s been daemonically corrupted but I don’t think so. I think he’s just so full of rage that Khorne daemons just like to be around him and will tear a hole in reality just to be around him — he’s just got that sort of charm. He’s the #1 Champ of Khorn because Khârn is still mortal and every time he “dies” Khorne just brings him back to take more skulls!


There’s lots of great Khorne champions in the lore. Who’s your favorite!?

Author: Adam Harrison
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