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MTG: ‘March of the Machines’ Blue Spoilers – Essence and Tempo

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Apr 10 2023

These March of the Machines Blue spoilers will have you absolutely swimming with power. Assuming you can control it.

Nothing says power like keeping your opponent from playing a card. Or taking a turn. And with the latest batch of March of the Machines Blue spoilers, we get a look at how you can do exactly that. With Phyrexian Sharks and some surprising removal, Blue has a lot to love.

So let’s dive right in, amid the Halo-Charged Skaabs and see what Blue horrors, Phyrexian or otherwise, await in March of the Machines.

March of the Machines – Blue Spoilers

First up we have a batch of Instants that showcase just how flexible Blue can be. With a Counterspell that can be Convoked (and that lets you draw cards) or Change the Equation letting you knock out spells with extra red and green hate, there’s a lot of control going on. But it’s not all counters and blocks. Blue Phyrexians, being the workings of Jin-Gitaxias, have a lot of schemes going for them. They get a lot out of the Incubate mechanic, even when countering, which is all contained in Assimilate Essence. Or in Chrome Host Seedshark, a robot flying shark, which is just horrifying.

Next we have some of the more transformative mechanics here. Phyrexia’s will is powerful enough to corrupt creatures into whatever they need. Corruption of Towashi showcases the invasion on Kamigawa, while also letting you draw every time you transform a permanent. While Eyes of Gitaxias, helps keep those Phyrexians growing out on the battlefield.

Meanwhile Halo-Charged Skaab is one of my all-time favorites from this set of March of the Machines Blue spoilers, it being a zombie that not only resists Phyrexia but also mills you into knowing what your next two cards are going to be. And Negate is just a great way to shut down whatever your opponent is planning.


Blue has some of the best flavor text in the set so far. The Protocol Knight feels like they’re right out of Ravnica with the writeup for lack of the correct paperwork for a planar invaasion. While the Saiba Cryptomancer brings that Neon Dynasty flavor to the fore. They’re also pretty handy in a pinch.

We close out this batch of March of the Machine Blue spoilers with a look at just how Wrenn gets through to Teferi to bring in the banished plane of Zhalfir. Wrenn finds the time mage through the Blind Eternities, and begins scheming to swap Zhalfir with Phyrexia, sealing away those metallic menaces forever.

Or at least until they decide to rear their oily metallic heads again.


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