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‘Black Finger JET’s Original ‘Metal Slug’ Run-and-Gun Developers are Back With a Brand New Title

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May 18 2023
Black Finger Jet

The original minds behind Metal Slug are ready to make you run and gun again with Black Finger JET.

There is a certain genre in games that I am a big fan of that isn’t as popular as they once were. That genre is the side-scroller run-and-gun. An offshoot of shoot-’em-ups, run-and-gun games involve running to the right and shooting everything that moves in 8 directions. Some of the most famous examples of this are Sunset Riders, Contra, and my favorite of all, Metal Slug.

Metal Slug was created in 1996 by Nazca Corporation just as they were merging with SNK. The series followed the Peregrine Falcon Squad in their battle against a rebel army and then eventually more insane things like zombies, aliens, and more. It was a big hit and received multiple sequels and spin-offs over the years. It has changed hands since then development-wise and is still around today. The run-and-gun genre isn’t dead yet thanks to the big hit Cuphead. That game, unfortunately, is very difficult for casual gamers.

Lucky for them, someone is ready to give them an easier time with Black Finger JET.

Black Jet Characters

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Black Finger JET

A group of original developers from the original Metal Slug series got together and created Kohachi Studio. They announced on Twitter page @RyoSK1942 that development has started on a brand new run-and-gun game. The game is titled Black Finger JET and has a teaser trailer as well as a Steam Page

The Steam Page describes the game as:

“An old-fashioned, easy-to-understand story. The feel of an old-fashioned game.
A simple and exhilarating action shooter again!
That is “Black Finger JET”!”

“Black Finger JET” is a Run&Gun game based on the good old 8-way aiming gun action.
Depending on the situation, use various guns such as handguns, machine guns, shotguns, and sometimes ride the proud vehicle “JET car” and defeat the enemies that rush!


A versatile and perfect vehicle, the JET car transforms into an airplane, sometimes a submarine, as well as ground battles!
A great adventure on a variety of stages created by it is waiting for you!”

The game is early in development and has a small team. They are currently looking for more people to join the team to assist with the development. If you are interested in being either Pixel Artist, 3D Artist, Unity Engineer, or Unity Effect Designer, you can contact them on their website to apply.

Main Woman

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Release Info

Since the game is in such an early development, the title is only being released on PC via Steam with other consoles under consideration depending on if they can get a big enough team most likely. This also means there is no current release date for the game. 

The game can be added to players’ wishlists on its Steam page. If you have any interest in the game, I recommend it since that also helps the developers in the long run.

Main Guy

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Run-and-gun games are so much fun and this team is no stranger to making quality games. If this game is even a fraction as good as Metal Slug 3, we have a classic in the making,


Black Finger JET is set to release on PC with a TBA release date. 

MISSION 1! START! – Metal Slug Announcer

Author: Spider-Mike
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