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Games Workshop Rumor Engine: ‘Firing Line’

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May 16 2023

Someone has taken a few pop-shots at some concrete in the latest Rumor Engine from Games Workshop. Who’s been wasting ammo!?

It’s another Tuesday which means there is a new Rumor Engine to chew on. This one is kind of a tough one because it looks like concrete — or plascrete, the building material used by the Imperium to build stuff. But maybe that’s our first clue… Anyhow, take a look at the image and we’ll go from there!

via Warhammer Community

“This is it. We’re on the up and up. The Rumour Engine is cranking out new visions at a never-before-seen rate. Are we run ragged trying to get more people into our pyramid to pledge perpetual peonage to the Rumour Chain? Absolutely, but with the output filling out wallet after wallet with Non-Replicable Generations, we’re sorted for rumours for life! This is completely sustainable! Here comes another one!”

Meta-jabs at NFTs aside (which, nice one GW) we’re looking at an image of something that’s been shot-up. It’s clear from the bullet holes pox-marking the installation. There’s also some sandbags on the side of this same image. Just based on those few things I think we can rule out the possibility that this is from the Mortal Realms. Unless the Cities of Sigmar are suddenly building their forts up to Imperial standards…

Yeah…that’s not plascrete.

Speaking of Imperial, I think that description matches this Rumor Engine perfectly. And, considering we’ve already seen some of the new Astra Militarum kits with sandbags, I think we might be in the ballpark with something from that range.


That said, this bit could be from a lot of things. The Astra Militarum aren’t the only ones who use that material as part of a fortification. In fact, it could be a new fortification kit. We just got a new Aegis Defence Line, what if this is part of an updated Firestorm Redoubt or part of a new Wall of Martyrs kit?

Alternatively, what if this is just the basing for some other miniature. It could be some epic basing for an Imperial Hero. We’ve seen that before…


So what do you think this could be? Are we about to see a new type or style of terrain kit? Or could this be something else entirely? Let us know your theories in the comments below!


I’m kind of hoping for some new buildings that aren’t just blown-up “L Shape” boxes.

Author: Adam Harrison
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