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The ‘Fallout’ RPG’s ‘Winter of the Atom’ Campaign Will Finally Let You Play a Protectron

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May 17 2023

Winter of Atom does what the Fallout RPG was meant to do, always: it lets you play a Protectron. Grab your tiny cowboy hat.

Modiphius’ Fallout RPG brings roleplaying to the wasteland. And not just any wasteland, but the wasteland of Fallout 4, specifically. Yes, that’s right, the game that tried—and failed—to contain the Final Pam. Home of Preston Garvey who has something extremely important to say every few minutes.

Set in The Commonwealth, the Fallout RPG does exactly what you’d expect. You play as folks just trying to contend with the harsh life that exists out in a Wasteland full of Deathclaws, Radscorpions, Super Mutants, and worse.

Its newest book, Winter of Atom, launches a whole new campaign. With it come not just three new factions, but also a “non-linear sandbox questline” as well as new rules for grappling with reputation and survival. But most importantly, the new book will finally let you play a Protectron, thanks to its new character origin options.

Fallout RPG: Winter of Atom

That’s right. You thought the best part of the book might have been the literal beatniks who show up as a faction. Or perhaps the expertly named Mechminster Abbey, which basically brings the Sisters of Battle into the Fallout universe. But no.

Tucked away inside this book are three new origin options: Generation 3 Synths, Children of Atom, and of course, Protectrons.

Who wouldn’t want to be one of these robots? That alone would be worth it. But check out what else they include:

In the ruins of old Boston, the Commonwealth settles in for a long, deadly winter. As its hungry communities do their best to find food and survive the cold, a new sect of the Church of the Children of Atom arrives. Their flock grows as they spread their worship of nuclear division and radiation across the region. Led by an enigmatic prophet calling himself the Last Son of Atom, the Church’s army plans to ignite an all-out winter war with the settlements that dare reject their atomic god. A group of ragtag survivors must do whatever it takes to protect their communities and keep the Commonwealth from becoming ground zero… again.

Winter of Atom’s themes include exploring frozen wastelands, harsh winter survival, building relationships with communities, explosive action against terrifying monsters, high-stakes warfare against a relentless foe, and weird and unexplainable supernatural horrors.


Within the 248-page Winter of Atom quest book you will:

  • Face a fearsome sect of the Children of Atom, led by the Last Son of Atom, in an action-packed, open-ended, and non-linear sandbox questline that can take characters from level 1 – 21.
  • Meet brand new groups of survivors, from beatniks and circus big tops to traveling casinos and religious weaponsmiths.
  • Create characters with new origin options: Generation 3 Synths, Protectrons, and Children of Atom.
  • Enhance your game with new rules for surviving the harsh winter and gaining reputation with settlements. Learn how to design balanced combat encounters, and find new rules for surviving defeat, quickly adjusting an encounter’s difficulty, and creating Minion NPCs.

‘Winter of Atom’ releases later this year.

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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