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Warhammer 40K: 10th Ed Grey Knight Rules Preview – The Daemonhunters

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May 26 2023

The Grey Knights are coming to Warhammer 40,000: 10th Edition and they are bringing their righteous fury with them!

When it comes to slaying Daemons the Grey Knights wrote the book on it — or at least the book with all the Daemon’s true names in it. They are prepared to do battle with the warp entities but that also preps them for duking it out with pretty much anyone else in the Grimdark. What will they be able to do on the tabletop in 10th? That’s what we’re here to find out!

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Grey Knights are tasked with vanquishing all things born from the warp, armed with sanctified wargear and specialist training designed to take down creatures of the empyrean. They’re just as deadly when facing more material factions, however – disciplined psychic abilities, finely-honed blades, and barking storm bolters make Grey Knights a terror on the assault, and their signature teleport strikes will decapitate an Ork Waaagh! or a Hive Fleet incursion as easily as any Chaos cult. 

Grey Knight Faction Rules

Army Rule – Teleport Assault

The Grey Knights are going to be a tricky army to pin down. This Teleport Assault ability will allow units to *poof* off the tabletop at the end of your opponent’s turn only to come back during your next Movement Phase. That’s going to lead to some dirty bait-and-switch tricks with the Grey Knight army.

And if you were wondering who’s going to be eligible, pretty much all the Infantry units in the army AND the Nemesis Dreadknights have the Deep Strike ability:


Detachment Rule – Teleport Strike Force – Teleport Shunt

Do you need your Grey Knights to really move around the board? That’s what Teleport Shunt does as it converts your advance moves to a flat 6″ and grants the moving unit Fly. That’s going to lead to some very quickly shuffling units on the tabletop that are basically going to ignore terrain!

Stratagem – Haloed in Soulfire


Need to keep a unit safe from shooting for a round? Then Haloed In Soulfire is your ticket to dodging shots — or at least not taking them to begin with. It does cost 2 CP but if you use it correctly it really could spare a unit from destruction.

Stratagem – Radiant Strike

For 2 CP you’ll be able to give a unit with Psychic Melee Weapons the Devastating Wounds ability. That’s a steep price but those devastating wounds just might be worth it on the right target!

Grey Knight Unit Rules

The Purgation Squad is ready to unload all their crazy Psy-weapons into the enemy and they are extra spicy with their Astral Aim. As long as one other Grey Knight Psyker unit has Line of Sight to the target they can start blastin’ away!


Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight

Perhaps you were curious about how beefy the Nemesis Dreadknights were going to be in 10th. Well, there’s your answer! They are packing some potent firepower and are also quite deadly in close-combat. They also have all those teleporty tricks to pull and you get a discount on CP expenditures that target this model thanks to Heroism’s Favour.

Weapon – Purifying Flame

The Grey Knights have access to their Purifying Flame psychic attack which has a couple of other nasty keywords with Anti-Infantry 2+ and Ignores Cover. That’s just going to be a lot of (almost) guaranteed shots that will wound infantry!


The Grey Knights are great for smashing Daemons back to the warp but don’t let their piety fool you. They will bring the pain in Warhammer 40,000: 10th Edition!


Grey Knights: No Heresy Detected!

Author: Adam Harrison
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