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Warhammer 40K: 10th Ed Ork Rules Preview – WAAAGH!

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May 24 2023
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The Green Tide rises and sinks all other boats. The Orks are coming to Warhammer 40,000 10th Edition with a vengeance!

If there’s one army that loves to fight it’s the Orks. They are always down for a good krumpin’ and will want to come back for seconds. Today we’re taking a closer look at some of their rules previews and a few key units. What will Da Boyz bring to 10th edition? Let’s get charge for a good scrap and make Gork (or maybe Mork) proud!

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If there’s a fight brewing, the Orks are going to be there – and they’re still one of the most flexible armies around. Want to run a big old horde of Boyz and Gretchin? That’s a Waaagh! Want to zoom into a fight with a road fleet of Boomdakka Snazzwagons, Shokkjump Dragstas, and Megatrakk Scrapjets? That’s a Waaagh!! Want to stomp across the battlefield in massive war machines like Gorkanauts and Morkanauts? That’s a Waaagh!!! 

Ork Faction Rules

Army Rule – WAAAGH!

Once per battle Ork players can call the WAAAGH! The guttural roar triggers three effects to fire off. Orks can Advance and charge. Orks get to add 1 to their Strength and Attacks characteristics of melee weapons. And Orks get a 5+ invulnerable save. All three of these last until the start of the next battle round. That’s pretty brutal!

Detachment Rule – WAAAGH! Tribe – Get Stuck In


The first Detachment we’re seeing is the WAAAGH! Tribe and its ability is Get Stuck In. This provides a nice Sustained Hits 1 to melee weapons for Orks in the army. Are we detecting a theme yet?

Stratagem – Orks Is Never Beaten

For 2 CP Orks don’t die when you kill them during the Fight Phase. Well, they do die…eventually. They just get to make their attacks first. Combined with the abilities above Orks are going to be absolutely monsters in close combat who aren’t going to be denied their access to smashing things in the face with their melee attacks. And if you’re worried about closing the gap…


Stratagem – ‘Ere We Go

That’s one unit of Ork Infantry that will get to add 2 to both their Advance and Charge rolls. Be sure to use this when you call the WAAAGH! for the full effect.

Ork Unit Rules

Beast Snagga Boyz

There’s a couple things to note here. First up we get the double stat-block as the Beast Snagga Nob has an extra wound. Good to know. Secondly, they come with a Toughness 5, 5+ save but and a Feel No Pain of 5+ as well. Da Boyz might only have 1 wound but they are going to be tougher than you might expect. Finally, check out that Monster Hunters ability. Re-rolling to hi when attacking a Monster or Vehicle is a nice bonus.

Ghazghkull Thraka (and Makari)


The Beast is back! Just wanted to call out Ghaz’s ability to only take X wounds per phase is gone. However, he’s got the Leader ability which means he’s going to join a unit…or maybe they are going to join him. In either case, GW calls out Meganobz as an example unit. So just be ready for that to come calling when Ghaz is on the tabletop. Aside from that he’s going to pack a punch. He’s bringing the Dakka and the stabbin’ (or Klawin’) as well. I’m a little surprised he’s “only” Toughness 6 but he’s got 10 wounds, a 2+/4++ and don’t discount the bodyguard option — he’s one tough ork!

Weapon – Deffkannon

The Deffkannon is no joke! But that’s expected as it’s on a Stompa and you’d expect those to do some serious damage. When this thing connects (if it connects) it’s got a D6 damage coming at AP -3 and Strength 14. Honestly, this one feels so random I’m not sure if it’s scary or not. It’s only BS 5+ …eh, I’d still prefer to nuke the Stompa before it nukes me first!

Weapon – Mega-Choppa


Hey, you know how the Stompa’s gun is kinda random? Well the Mega-Choppa is the opposite. It’s deadly and it’s going to tear things up. Considering it’s got 6 attacks that each do a flat 10 damage that’s enough to cut just about anything else down in a round. Hordes of infantry aren’t safe either with 18 swings!

Weapon – Squig Launchas


“The Indirect Fire ability means even more flexibility to shoot at stuff as you skid around the battlefield – your enemies won’t know where those squigs are raining down from. And nor will the squigs, which is important in case they come back for revenge.”

Oh Orks…you’re 5+ BS skill makes your random number of attacks so weird. Could you spike it and terrorize a Marine Squad? Sure. Could you just whiff completely and barely scare a Guardsmen? Also yes.


Orks shooting is…not the best. But once they close the gap and get into melee it’s gonna be a bad time for their opponents.


The WAAAGH! called. It wants to Krump you.

Author: Adam Harrison
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