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Warhammer 40K: Power Fist In Action

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May 15 2023

Can we just all sit back and appreciate the awesomeness that is the Power Fist in action? The Emperor approves!

Games Workshop’s animation team is at it again and this time they are giving us a visceral look the Power Fist in glorious combat. I do feel a little bad for the Neurogaunt victim target of this attack. But it’s kind of on them for charging a Terminator who very clearly saw it coming. In any case just enjoy the carnage:

via Warhammer Community


“Power weapons aren’t just electrical melee weapons; they’re wrapped in an energy field that disrupts solid matter allowing them to smash, cleave, or pierce through even Tactical Dreadnought armour.”

Power Fisticuffs

Oh man… I’ve watched that at least half-a-dozen times and I probably will watch it a few more before the day is over. It’s just BRUTAL!

According to the Lexicanum:

Power weapons are a type of advanced hand-to-hand combat weapon taking several forms but utilising the same basic technological principles. When activated the blade of the weapon becomes sheathed in a field of energy which disrupts solid matter, allowing the weapon to easily tear through armour, including even Terminator Armour.


The basic power weapon type (commonly taking the shape of swords and axes) is in use by several races including humans, while specialized types see more exclusive use.”

Obviously in this instance we’re seeing the field being produced by the powered gauntlet that is a Power Fist. The concussive force is more than enough to shatter that poor neurogaunt’s… everything. I’ve often remember the description of the crackling power field and the impact on matter from previous wargear entries. However, seeing it in action is just, well…

I’m pretty sure it was a lot of work to get that animatic done but…I really want to see more. It would be cool if Warhammer+ created a show that was just showcasing all the wargear and weapons from the Grimdark. Something like Deadliest Warrior or Weapon Masters. Only shorter…and more animated. I’m not looking for someone to recreate these weapons in real life (pretty sure that’s a whole OTHER type of series). But it would be awesome to see the weapons of the Grimdark visualized like this.

Then again…does it live up to your own imagination? Let us know in the comments!



The Power Fist…It’s so BAD!

Author: Adam Harrison
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