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WotC’s D&D Playtest 5 Survey Launches Today – Fighter, Wizard, Warlocks, & Feedback

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May 18 2023

The doors have opened for D&D’s Playtest 5 Survey. This is your chance to give feedback on Fighters, Wizards, Warlocks, and more.

The survey has gone up for the latest D&D Playtest. That’s Playtest 5, for those playing along at home. In this survey, which is a fairly expansive one, you’ll have a chance to tell WotC what you really think about their new rules.

Especially the new rules for the five different classes included in the playtest: Fighters, Barbarians, Wizards, Sorcerers, and Warlocks. Now, we definitely had some opinions about how they worked or didn’t work. And surely you do as well.

Now’s a rare opportunity to, as they say, tell someone who cares!

D&D Playtest 5 Survey Opens – Your Opinion Matters

The survey is here. It’s quite an extensive one, though, like many surveys before it, the format is much the same. You’ll have the same general questions about how satisfied are you with certain features and the classes/subclasses in general.

You’ll get to rank them on a scale of 1-5, basically. And WotC somehow translates this into a percentage of satisfaction. Which sounds like something out of a dystopian processing facility. I guess in a way, that’s just, society though, isn’t it? The gears of civilization turn, and we’re all just grist for the satisfaction percentage mill.

Whether that’s putting information into a spreadsheet, interpreting information that has been stored in a spreadsheet, or making decisions based on what someone tells you a spreadsheet says, the end goal is the same, figure out how satisfied you are at the end of the day.

Existential dread aside, the survey is a great chance to help shape the future of the game. We’ve already seen how WotC has shifted its focus based on player feedback for some of the playable species, like Goliaths and Dragonborn. After the Druid and Paladin survey results, they’ve doubtless got more shifting to do.

So whatever you think about the Fighter, Barbarian, Warlock, and Wizard, now’s your chance to let WotC know. Same goes for the new class-exclusive spells, and then some. And don’t forget to fill in the comment form. Those play a pivotal role in helping the designers figure out why something isn’t working, not just that it isn’t.


The survey is open for the next few weeks, so get your surveying in now while you can.

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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