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RPG: Free League Gets Ready To Fly Its ‘PIRATE BORG’ Flag

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Aug 25 2023

In less than a month, Free League will be setting sail for darker waters with PIRATE BORG, a pirate hack of MÖRK BORG.

Our Flag Means Death has ushered in a new era of pirate appreciation. And frankly, we’re here for it. This means it’s just a matter of time until everyone is swashing buckles and swinging from masts while sending foes down to Davy Jones’ locker once again. But, before you go getting all captain blood, Free League would like to explore the doom-filled, cursed waters of PIRATE BORG.

PIRATE BORG, all caps necessary, is a piratical hack of noted “doom art-punk” RPG, MÖRK BORG. And as you’ll see from the trailer, it’s got everything you need to die horribly at sea. But as we all know, being murdered by pirates is good.

And given that this is definitely more on the “undead pirate” end of the scale, murdered by pirates might not even be the worst thing that happens to you.

PIRATE BORG – Coming in September

PIRATE BORG is a scurvy-ridden, rules light, art heavy tabletop RPG. Inspired by history, fantasy, horror and rum. Your cutlass & flintlock won’t save you from the hordes of skeletons, the Kraken, or even your own crew.

PIRATE BORG is a complete game based on and compatible with the award winning doom art-punk RPG MÖRK BORG using their incredible 3rd party license. But it’s also a tool kit. Most of the tables can be hacked and used with any tabletop RPG.

This game is about being a greedy, filthy, scoundrel. Find a ship. Recruit some crew. Raid, pillage, plunder, and otherwise pilfer your weasley black guts out. Get a bigger ship. Kill some things. Upgrade your ship. Sneak into a fort. Raid a port. Acquire treasure. Bury said treasure. Become infamous. Search for someone else’s treasure. Flee in terror from unfathomable creatures from the deep. Drink all of the rum. Die on the high seas. Roll a new character and do it all again.

Weighing in at 166 pages, the book contains everything you need to play the game. There are 8 different character classes, 18 naval vessels, and rules to sail them with, plus a ton of monsters, tables, and a “sandbox-style adventure” that features 11 different locations your crew can explore.



Author: J.R. Zambrano
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