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Star Wars: Five Theories We Have After the ‘Ahsoka’ Premier

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Aug 25 2023

With a new show and plenty of mysteries let’s take a look at five theories we have after watching the Ahsoka premiere.

Ahsoka is finally here. The first two episodes of the much-awaited show are out and available to watch. The show started out with a bang, with plenty of action and character drama. The episodes do a lot to set up the show and leave us with a ton of questions about where things are going.

Spoilers ahead!

The Eye of Sion is a Hyperspace Ring

Introduced in Episode 2 The Eye of Sion is a ship that the bad guys are building to take them to find Grand Admiral Thrawn in another galaxy. The Sion was built using repurposed hyperdrives from Super Star Destroyers. While it’s a cool-looking ship it seems to have a somewhat hidden purpose.

The Eye looks exactly like a hyperspace ring from the Old Republic Era. A lot of people are theorizing that it’s actually a giant hyperspace ring. Most likely it’s intended to be used to bring back Thrawn and his Star Destroyer.

Thrawn Isn’t Calling For Rescue

The bad guys, led by Morgan Elsbeth at this point, are planning to travel to another galaxy to find and bring back Grand Admiral Thrawn. The strange thing is, they don’t seem to have any way of communicating with Thrawn or knowing where he is. Elsbeth, a Dathomiri Witch, implies that she’s been contacted by Thrawn via dreams and visions.

This seems very much like the Force at work to send her to Thrawn. However, Thrawn isn’t a Jedi and has never shown much interest in using the Force. It’s arguably his biggest weakness. With that being the case, how is Thrawn calling for help with the Force and dreams? What if it’s not Thrawn at all, but something else trapped in that other galaxy that’s calling for help, using Thrawn as bait?

The Show is Going to Introduce the Vong

In the old EU, the Yuuzhan Vong were a race of warriors from another galaxy that invaded the Star Wars galaxy several years after the events of the movies. They’ve been removed from canon and have not heard of them since. As they were not the most popular addition to Star Wars, not everyone was sad to see them go. However we do have to wonder if now that Star Wars is going to another galaxy we might get some version, or at least a mention, of the Vong in canon. This might be one of the craziest Star Wars theories we have after watching Ahsoka


The Inquisitor is Ezra

One of the new bad guys introduced in the show is the former Imperial Inquisitor Marrok. He’s a quite faceless enemy that fights well, uses the Force, and doesn’t really speak. This has led a number of people to theorize that he might in fact be the missing Ezra Bridger. And sure, this would be a big twist, maybe years spent trapped with Thrawn have caused him to fight for the bad guys, for a reason (Mind control? Amnesia?). But I don’t think this particular theory holds up.

Ezra by all appearances traveled with Thrawn to the other galaxy, certainty he was last seen on the bridge of Thrawn’s ship. If that’s the case how would he have gotten back to the Star Wars galaxy? If he could, why didn’t Thrawn just come back? It just doesn’t make sense.

Baylan Skoll Has Another Motive

via Lucasfilm

Ahsoka introduced a new character in the form of Baylan Skoll. He’s a former Jedi whose now become a mercenary working for the Imperial Remnant. He’s well-paid but seems highly loyal right now. At the same time, his motives are pretty well hidden. He’s not a Sith and seems to have held on to some of his Jedi beliefs, going so far as to take a padawan. It seems very unlikely he’s in this just for money.

At one point he tells Shin Hati, his padawan, that finding Thrawn will grant them a lot of power, which seems to be his goal. However, it’s not really clear how or why. Sure Thrawn is a great leader, but why would finding him grant a former Jedi power? Simply by acting as his right-hand man? No, I think there is more going on here and Baylan is looking for something other than Thrawn. He gives away that he already knew the legends of the other Galaxy long before the start of the show. So I think it’s clear there is more going on here, but that’s just another Star Wars theory we have after watching Ahsoka.

Let us know what theories you have, down in the comments!


Author: Abe Apfel
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