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Star Wars X-Wing: TIE/sa Bomber Is Back With A Vengeance

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Sep 11 2023

Atomic Mass Games has pulled the covers off the re-release of the TIE/sa Bomber. So how does it stack-up? 

It’s nice to see that Star Wars: X-Wing is getting some love with the re-release of the TIE/sa Bomber. The new pack has all the things you’d expect for Star Wars: X-Wing and Atomic Mass Games is showcasing pretty much all the cards in the box.

via Atomic Mass Games

Now, most of these cards should be familiar for anyone that’s already got the TIE/sa Bomber in their collection. But if you missed out the first time around now’s your chance to get caught up. Additionally, there’s a bunch of upgrade included in the box, too:

So what’s so great about the new box? Well besides the fact you’re getting two bombers in the box it also comes with found new standard loadout cards for the iconic bomber:

These are basically the “new” part of the box if you’ve already got them in your collection. If you’re looking for some tips on how to fly them AMG has a rundown on the standard loadouts as well. It’s a good read for anyone new to the game or really anyone revisiting the TIE/sa Bomber with these standard loadouts. If nothing else you can at least see how the game designers were thinking these ships might be used on the tabletop. How you fly them from there is really up to you.


I’m glad to see something for X-Wing get released even if it’s just re-released ships with new standard loadout cards. It’s a fun game and I hope it gets more support in the future. Let’s hope this is more than just a token “life support” release and there’s plans for X-Wing later on.


“The iconic TIE/sa Bomber returns to Star Wars: X-Wing in this pack! TIE/sa Bombers are capable of delivering an astonishing payload in Imperial squadrons, and this pack puts two of these at players’ disposal. In addition to these two miniatures, this pack bolsters squadrons with 4 standard loadout cards that invite players to jump into the action right away as well as 8 ship cards and 14 upgrade cards that give players the freedom to fine-tune their TIE/bombers. “


What do you think AMG can do to revitalize the Star Wars: X-Wing scene?

Author: Adam Harrison
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