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War Rages Across the Galaxy in ‘Star Wars: The Deck Building Game’, Now 20% Off

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Sep 18 2023

Grab your own copy of the Star Wars: The Deck Building Game where players battle to be the first to destroy three of their opponent’s bases.

Star Wars: The Deck Building Game is a fast-paced and easy-to-learn deck-building game from Fantasy Flight Games. In this game, one player will play as the Empire and the other as the Rebels. Both players are attempting to destroy 3 of their opponent’s bases before the other. Although the official game rules note you can adjust the game length by changing the number of bases players start with and how many they must destroy.

How To Play Star Wars: The Deck Building Game

Every card in Star Wars: The Deck Building Game is either Rebel, Empire or Neutral. Players begin the game with a deck of 5 Base cards and also have their own starting deck of 10 cards. Throughout the game, players will be able to buy additional cards from a common supply to improve their decks as they play.

Additionally, players will have to maintain control of the Force. Various gameplay effects will have a player gain Force. When this happens they move the Force marker on the Force track closer to themselves. Some cards will require the Force to be with that player in order to have it’s full effect. So maintaining control of the force can be just as important as the deck building itself.

Star Wars: The Deck Building Game force

On each player’s turn, they will be able to buy, play, and use cards as much and as often as they want, so long as they have the resources to do so. Players gather resources from their Capital Ships and play new cards from their hands. They will spend these on buying new cards from the supply.

The Unit and Ship cards are how players will take actions in the game, like using card abilities and attacking the other player. Players can also attack their opponent’s cards in the supply before they have even bought them, keeping them from buying them at all! Players will even gain a bonus if they mange to pull this off.

Star Wars: The Deck Building Game cards

Attacking And Destroying Bases

Attacking is super simple. The attacking player counts up the total attack power of all cards they have committed to the attack and deals that much damage. Bases and Ships have a certain number of Hit Points and when they have as much damage as their HP, they are destroyed.

There is no blocking or defensive armor or anything like that in Star Wars: The Deck Building Game. The game is self-described as “fast-paced” after all! However, attacking players can not attack an opponent’s base while they have Capital Ships in play, so that’s about as much defense as they get.

The first player to destroy 3 enemy bases wins!


Author: Matt Sall
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