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Final Hours for ‘Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition’ Starter Box

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Oct 10 2023

Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition’s Starter Box has smashed its goals and is in the last two or so days of its Kickstarter Campaign. The Level Up starter box is the perfect way to expand your 5th Edition horizons. If you’ve ever sat around thinking 5th Edition lacks that crunchy depth. If you’ve ever pined for more fun for martial characters like Fighters and Rogue. If you’ve spent hours cooking up your own spells for the DM, then A5E is probably for you.

And the Advanced 5th Edition Starter Box has everything you need to get right in the game. It’s perfect for people who have been A5E curious but aren’t yet ready to haul around three chonky books (and who are mortally afraid of PDFs). The Kickstarter has been smashingly successful, so there are all sorts of extras too.

Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition Starter Box

This Kickstarter is for a boxed starter set which takes your 5E core rulebooks and ‘upgrades’ them by introducing you to some of the new rules in Level Up. Unlike the standalone Level Up hardcover core rules, this starter set assumes you know how to play 5E, or have the 5E rules, and we just show you the new stuff!

Inside the box you’ll find:

    • A 66-page rulebook which ‘upgrades’ your game from 5E to Level Up: Advanced 5E.
    • A three-part adventure path which introduces the new rules to you as you go.
    • 5 pre-generated characters which show off the new options available in Level Up!
    • 91 cardboard tokens for heroes, villains, and monsters.
    • 5 poster maps.

Why should you try Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition? If you’re tired of seeing 5E rules not go far enough in either direction. If you want more than just Battlemaster Fighters to have interesting things to do. Custom spells? How about rare versions of spells you can find as treasure?

And in the starter box alone, you’ll find a host of new conditions, including Doomed and Bloodied. As well as a new spin on character creation that helps you tell the story of your character with more depth than vanilla 5E. It’s the perfect jumping on point. But the Kickstarter is in its final days, so if you want some of the backer rewards while the campaign is still going, now’s your last chance to jump aboard.

How many starter boxes will end up in your collection?


Author: J.R. Zambrano
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