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The Best (and Only) Ship For Traveling Outside the Galaxy – The Eye Of Sion

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Oct 8 2023

The Eye of Sion was created by a space witch to rescue a space genius from the silent, empty depths of space…space.

Navigating beyond the Outer Rim is extremely easy to do, as long as you don’t mind never coming back. But if you want to trave outside the galaxy and live to tell the tale, well, that’s another story altogether. It takes considerable effort, to the point where many would consider it an impossibility.

Beyond the bounds of the galactic rim, Hyperspace lanes don’t exist. Navigation is a murky prospect, at best, and who knows what else lurks in the inky void of empty space. However, impossibilities and Grand Admiral Thrawn are frequently found cohabitating. And so it is that the Eye of Sion, which was created to retrieve the Chiss Grand Admiral, came to be. But what is this ship? And why a massive, circular ring?

To answer those questions, we journey to Corellia, to the Santhe Shipyards located in the heart of Coronet City.


Eye of Sion – Design and Capabilities

The Eye of Sion was both an extraordinary vessel and nothing new. It was, at its core, a Hyperspace Transport Ring, not unlike those that provide hyperspace capabilities to starfighters bereft of hyperdrives, like Jedi Starfighters and certain, specialized TIE craft.

However, the Eye of Sion was many hundreds of times larger than its counterparts. It had to be, in order to carry out its mission to retrieve Grand Admiral Thrawn from extragalactic exile. The massive ring was outfitted with the most powerful hyperdrive array the galaxy had ever seen.

Two clusters of three Super Star Destroyer-class hyperdrive engines sat on its port and starboard sides. While a seventh SSD-class hyperdrive was mounted ventrally. These seven engines, when activated, were powerful enough to propel the ship beyond the galactic border.



They also had unusual effects in realspace. With all seven hyperdrive engines engaged, the Eye of Sion would leave a ripple in realspace that would knock out deflector shields, disrupt avionics, and destroy starship engines. This ripple was visible as a phantom glow. It was said that it could be seen even in distant galaxies.

Alongside the massive hyperdrive array, the Eye of Sion also carried a battery of quad turbolaser turrets near each engine cluster to defend itself.

Eye of Sion – Invented By a Witch

The Eye of Sion was constructed at the behest of the witch, Morgan Elsbeth. Her forces, Imperial sympathizers all, worked in secret to complete the massive ring. Despite the secrecy, as the last of the Eye was completed, the Eye was discovered by Sabine Wren and Ahsoka Tano. Despite the adeptness of the Jedi and Mandalorian, the Eye was able to escape to the extragalactic homeworld of the Dathomiri, the planet Peridea.

Questions of why the Dathomiri remain named Dathomiri instead of Perideans aside, the Eye of Sion was instrumental in the return and escape of Grand Admiral Thrawn, as well as the Jedi Ezra Bridger. What will happen to the galaxy now that its greatest strategist and art lover has returned, is anyone’s guess.

May the Force be with you!


Author: J.R. Zambrano
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