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Game Workshop: ‘Translucent Plastic Kits’ Offer Exciting New Unit Options

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Nov 20 2023

Games Workshop is introducing an exciting option for their models in the future: Translucent Plastic Kits. This could be a game changer.

This isn’t the first time that we’ve seen Games Workshop use clear plastic in their kits. Many of the vehicles in their various ranges have had plastic canopies or other parts in clear or translucent plastic. They dabbled with some special edition Hobbit miniatures, too. But now they are experimenting with some translucent plastics that are dyed with a slight tint to create some impressive results.

via Warhammer Community


“The Warriors of the Dead and the King of the Dead & Heralds kits have now been recast in clear plastic with a spectral blue tint for a unique impact on the tabletop.”

Translucent Plastic Kits

First up, if you’re a fan of the Middle-earthâ„¢ Strategy Battle Game, these new Translucent kits aren’t replacing their old miniatures. They are essentially recasts of those same models with the clear plastic and a blue tint. The models shown as an example have also had paint applied. From the looks of things it’s a couple layers of drybrushing and some very carefully used washes. It’s a very cool effect!

Having painted up an army of Nighthaunt miniatures, I’m wishing this was a thing for them, too. It would have made that army even cooler to see fully painted on the tabletop. That said, the Army of the Dead looks amazing with these new kits. It would have been nice to see the bare plastic — but I’ll take these pictures as well.

These Translucent Plastic Kits are just the most obvious use for clear plastic from GW. Think of all the OTHER units that could get the same treatment. T’au Stealth Suits immediately jump to my mind. The entire Nighthaunt range (as mentioned above) would also be the perfect candidate for this treatment. And Lictors…don’t forget about those!


But what if this was clear tinted plastic?

Personally, I hope that GW experiments with more of these tinted clear plastics in the future. The Army of the Dead is the perfect test for a mass produced product. This could open the door for lots of other units in the future and not just ones from the current range. Who knows what else GW could cook up for new units and armies with this as an option.


What other units would you like to see use Translucent Plastic from Games Workshop?

Author: Adam Harrison
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