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Goatboy’s Warhammer 40K Hot Mess: Lord Discordant on Helstalker

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Nov 21 2023

Man, how far has a cool 40K model has fallen.  Lord Discordants aren’t worth the points, nor the space.  Let’s fix them – make them worth it again.

When the Lord Discordant first came out, it was an awesome piece of kit.  Heck, I have a bunch of them, painted a bunch for people, and loved wrecking armies with this kit. Now though they just, well – sorta suck.  It makes me feel sad when I see mine sitting in their case, all lonely, while the other Chaos Marines are having fun on the playground.  There are three things we can do to make them better.  The first is to make them hit harder.  The second is to give them some sort of protection.  The third is to make them able to do some kind of benefit to the things around it.  Updating these 3 things would do wonders to making this old Lord Discordant something interesting.

Make Lord Discordants Hit Harder

The first thing I would change is the Bladed Limbs attacks and just adding an extra pip of AP and at least 2 more attacks.  The models have six limbs, and it just makes sense they would have 6 attacks.  If they come in hitting at Str 6, AP -2, and 2 damage would do wonders to let them chew through some smaller things.  The Chainglaive feels alright. It isn’t out of the question just letting it have devastating wounds when charging as some kind of cool bonus. The Techno-Virus injector seems fine as an extra attack and should probably also get Devastating wounds.  Heck, just add the ability to gain Devastating wounds if it charged as a simple update.


Protect Lord Discordants – PLEASE!

Let’s give them Lone Operative if they are hanging around a Daemon Engine.  That is a simple update, forces you to take Daemon Engines, and feels fluffy.  Beyond that, I would also give them a 4+ invulnerable save as well.  All the other characters with Inv saves have a 4+ so why doesn’t this guy?  It would be a simple update, make them survive a bit longer, and let Lord Discordants be a mid-range bully with some Venomcrawlers.

Helpful Auras

Again we have a few Auras I think would be helpful for them.  Let them pick an enemy unit on the table and let all the CSM get a +1 to hit or +1 to wound against them.  I don’t think they should give a Reroll as it feels too much like Oath, but letting them be able to kill things easier due to some kind of dark technology would be a cool option.  From there, I might do some kind of benefit to Daemon Engines as well like +1 to wound as +1 to hit might be too much.  Either way, let them be important to the CSM army beyond just a free Strat from a Chaos Lord.

I always hate how a cool unit gets hit in the unmentionables due to sins of the past.  It is always a rough thing, especially when you have a few of them painted well and wishing they were still worth it.  I don’t think we’ll see a new kit for these guys, and just want them to be good.  Plus, an army of Maulerfiends and Venomcrawlersr running around with a Lord Discordant just seems like a cool army!


All Hail the Dark Mechanicus!

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