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Marvel: Crisis Protocol – Exploring The New ‘Timeline’ Format

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Nov 17 2023

Atomic Mass Games is introducing a new tournament format that is going to test your knowledge and skills in Marvel: Crisis Protocol.

When it comes to experimenting with modes of play and alternate options Atomic Mass Games isn’t afraid to try new things. We’ve seen that with the Ultimate Encounters, Narrative Scenarios, Arena vs Party Formats, and the upcoming Mojoball, too. But that’s not enough to keep them satisfied when it comes to new ways to play and challenge the players themselves. They are taking the idea of a “Highlander” format and adapting that to Marvel: Crisis Protocol. Say hello to the new Timeline Format.

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“Timeline events are the latest Arena Format for MCP, and it is designed for players that wish to challenge their knowledge and skill of both Turn 0 and their mastery of piloting their squad on the tabletop.”

Timeline Format and Events

The first thing to know about the Timeline Format is that it’s been specifically designed for large events — think convention level. That’s because the format requires at least 32 players in a pool to ensure the correct number of rounds are played because of what’s required — which will be explained later on. This is a new Format which means it doesn’t completely rewrite the core rules of play. However, the biggest change is that it will directly impact how you create your roster. And you’re going to really stretch your brain when it comes to roster creation…

“Players will not only have to create their Roster from a limited selection of options, but they will also do so three times. That’s right!, Those players who rise to the Timeline challenge will have to create three separate Rosters, all of which must be completely unique from each other. That means no repeated characters, Team Tactic Cards, or Crisis Cards. They will then pit their Rosters against each other in a series of tournament rounds that specify which Roster the players must use during that Round.”

That’s right, folks. You’ll basically need to create three different rosters with NO repeats. If that sounds like a challenge, well, that’s the point. This Format is designed to push players to get creative with their entire collection and also challenge them once they get to the tabletop. You’ll really need to know the ins and outs of your three rosters. When you combine that with the fact that your opponents will be doing the same you’re really going test your overall game mastery with this format.


It’s worth noting that the Timeline Format isn’t going to replace the standard Format — or any of the others for that matter. This is an new way to experience competitive Marvel: Crisis Protocol and really challenge yourself. So if you really want to see if you can master this format then download it and give it a go for yourself!

Timeline Event Rules

2024 Timeline List

It’s a three-roster Highlander format…with an MCP twist!

Author: Adam Harrison
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