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MTG: Celebrate a Year of Magic with the Secretversary Secret Lair!

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Nov 20 2023

The latest Secret Lair Superdrop has arrived, and it’s giving everyone something to celebrate! Check out the releases for Secretversary 2023.

Welcome in, Planeswalkers and Praetors! Secret Lair drops are always an exciting part of Magic collecting, and the final Superdrop for 2023 is no exception. Combining glorious new art with pop culture, relevant sets, and powerful cards, each Secret Lair is a veritable goldmine for collectors.

To end a spectacular year of Magic, Wizards has pulled out all the stops for their closing act. Here’s the Secret Lair team to talk about the drops.

These drops really do take the cake, and fans of all kinds will find something to love from these incredible sets.

Tomb Raider

Lara Croft is one of the greatest explorers ever to live. You can find some of her iconic artifacts and mysterious locales in the set. Of course, no drop is complete without the titular character. Croft is here in Temur glory to steal all the best loot.


Jurassic World: Life Breaks Free

The Jurassic World inclusions in LCI were a huge hit, and Wizards is giving us an end-of-year gift with even more dinos. This set brings in four iconic dinosaurs from the franchise, each standing in for a Dino favorite. Indominus Rex is Polyraptor is an excellent flavor win, and I’ll definitely be adding this set to my Atla Palani deck. Speaking of Atla Palani…

Jurassic Park: Ian Malcolm

Everyone’s favorite Chaostician is here with his very own Lair drop. Fans of Jeff Goldblum’s iconic character will find plenty to be happy about. While I’m most excited about the Atla Palani alter, the Tasugir is a thing of beauty. After all, it wouldn’t be an Ian Malcom drop without that iconic pose.

Tales of the Time Stoppers

Blue has always had a stranglehold on time and turn control in Magic, and this set capitalizes on that. The twisted art on these cards paints a striking picture, featuring four iconic extra turns and turn-stopping effects. When you mess with time, sometimes things get a little topsy-turvy.


Taking us straight back to the nineties, this psychedelic trio of cards is the perfect reimagining of the Mycosynth suite. I love that each card looks like a binder I would have used in middle school. The Mycosynth Golem is a special treat in this set. Everyone wanted a robot action figure with a laser sword and a mohawk back in the day.

Through the Wormhole

Skating right into Sci-Fi horror, this set of five cards showcases what happens on the other side of a black hole. Featuring four iconic EDH artifacts and the most essential Commander land, this set provides a bit of space power to your deck. Just don’t stare too long…I hear that causes madness.


Showcase: The Lost Caverns of Ixalan

Every time a new treatment comes out, Wizards likes to give some of their iconic pieces a bit of love. The calendar treatment from Lost Caverns of Ixalan is no exception. These five iconic heroes are presented in a stunning new style, and if you picked up one of the non-Dinosaur precons, you’ll definitely want to get your hands on this set.

Paradise Frost

Snow-covered lands are an interesting addition: they’re just like regular lands but…with snow. While some cards require snow mana specifically, these won’t often do much more than look pretty. However, these five pieces look stunning and are worth picking up to add a little extra pizazz to your deck.

Gift Wrapped

One of the best parts of the holidays is seeing all the intricately wrapped gifts, and it’s always fun to pick out paper. Inspired by abstract art wrapping paper, this set is a fun take on unusual paper styles. Each card looks almost like the card it is replacing if you ran that card through a balloon machine. Don’t get me wrong, though – I love it.

You can pick up the entire Superdrop here and get a free Locust God when you spend $200 or more in a single purchase. Plus, if you act fast, you can save 10% off at checkout until 11/27!

Author: Clint Lienau
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