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‘The Marvels’ Review – One of Us

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Nov 12 2023

Does the latest MCU title do too much for too little? Check out One of Us crew’s The Marvels review.

There’s a lot here to go through so keep up. Ahem.

Captain Marvel is back from deep space where she tried to free the Kree from their AI intelligence but only made things much worse. Ms. Marvel is just chillin’ at home with her Captain Marvel fangirling and her family. Monica Rambeau (now all grown up and with light-based powers of her own but no superhero name) is working with Nick Fury on a space station investigating a weird jump-point anomaly near the moon. When Monica gets too close to the unstable jump point, something happens that causes the three women heroes to switch places physically (not like Freaky Friday) every time one of them uses their powers.

The Marvels Movie Review

So, they have to team up together and learn to use this inconvenient effect to their benefit while trying to stop a vengeful Kree alien from ravaging a series of worlds for their natural resources to restore her home world. Got all that? Yeah, not us entirely either. Chris, Kim, and Nathan take on the latest MCU film and wish they liked it better.



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