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This Week’s Warhammer 40K Products & Pricing CONFIRMED – Hello Holiday Battleforces!

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Nov 6 2023

We return to the Grimdark and the Mortal Realms with 2023’s Holiday Battleforces. Take a look at these prices.

It’s a happy holiday season indeed with this year’s set of Warhammer 40K and Age of Sigmar Battleforces. Here are the latest releases.

GW says these have the following delivery guarantees: *Updated* GW Clarified that this applies to only the Red Gobbo: “Da Red Gobbo is guaranteed – which means that you will definitely receive a copy if you place your order between the 11th of November and 8am on the 8th of January.


Da Red Gobbo’s Surprise $40 €32.50 £25

 “The spirit of Christmas charity has gone mysteriously missing, and it’s fallen to Da Red Gobbo to hand out the gifts. He’s back again to spread some more holiday cheer, and people are going to have a blast with whatever he drops down their chimney…”


Exalted of the Red Angel $230 €180 £140

 “Take skulls for the Skull Throne with these bloodthirsty devotees of Khorne. The huge Daemon Primarch Angron, towers over six frenzied Eightbound and a squad of 10 blood-crazed Berzerkers, ready to slaughter all who cross their path. Red is the most festive colour around, after all.”


Onslaught Swarm $230 €180 £140

 “Even the Hive Mind gets into the spirit by giving biomass to all the good little gaunts, and they’ve enlisted an immense Norn Emissary and a terrifying Winged Hive Tyrant to see it done. They command a tide of 20 leaping Hormagaunts and 10 skulking Genestealers, directing them in all-consuming waves of multitudinous claws and razor-sharp teeth.”

Spearhead Force $230 €180 £140

 “Do you need to deliver loads of presents at hyper-speed? Look no further than the Spearhead Force – a highly mobile warband that can deliver punishing firepower from an Invader ATV and its Outrider motorcade. Once the foe is pinned in place, 15 Jump Pack Intercessors – led by a fearsome Captain with Jump Pack – are the perfect pairing to seal your victory.”

Big Snagga Stampede $230 €180 £140

 “Spread your Waaagh! across the galaxy with this massive boxed set of feral Beast Snaggas. The legendary Mozrog Skragbad leads the charge with three deadly Squighog Boyz and a Nob on Smasha Squig, while a mob of 10 Beast Snagga Boyz ride along in a squig-hauled Kill Rig with a Painboss to patch them back together again.”

Defenders of the Ancestors $230 €180 £140

 “Want has, need keeps, toil earns – especially when it comes to the gift-giving season. The Defenders of the Ancestors are an elite band ready to deal out some hard knocks in service of their Votann, with a doughty Einhyr Champion leading an armoured fist of 10 Einhyr Hearthguard. These warriors pack a massive punch as they’re delivered to battle by a Hekaton Land Fortress, while a fast-moving Sagitaur ATV lays down suppressing fire and a wise Grimnyr provides psychic support.”


Cadian Defense Force $230 €180 £140

 “Stand firm in your defence of the Imperium with the mustered soldiers of the Cadian Defence Force. A pair of mighty Rogal Dorn Battle Tanks grind across the battlefield, supported by two disciplined squads of 10 Cadian Shock Troopers – who can merge into one big squad of 20 – and a Cadian Command Squad to bark orders in the heat of combat. It’s a true bulwark against anything that might threaten Humanity!”


Vengorian Court $220 €175 £135

 “Each dynasty of the Soulblight Gravelords fights differently, attuned to the predilections of their morbid liege. The Vengorian Lords are those who have truly succumbed to their bestial nature. In the Vengorian Court, one of these mighty leaders commands a cadre of five noble Blood Knights, three Fell Bats, 20 Deathrattle Skeletons, and a pack of 10 Dire Wolves.”

Warhorde of Eternus $220 €175 £135

 “The fearsome Eternus, Blade of the First Prince, leads a mighty army in the name of his Dark Master. This powerful warhorde includes five battle-hardened Chaos Knights, 10 Chaos Warriors, three hulking Ogroid Theridons, and a retinue of five Chaos Chosen blessed by the Ruinous Powers.”

Primordial Starhost $220 €175 £135

 “The Seraphon have recently been blessed with a wide range of brand new miniatures, and you can get your hands on a whole army with the Primordial Starhost. An ancient Slann Starmaster watches over the ferocious charge of three Aggradon Lancers, while three mighty Kroxigor and 10 savage Saurus Warriors set upon enemies herded into place by three snapping Terrawings and the cunning Hunters of Huanchi.”


Praetorian Spearhead $220 €175 £135

 “Ride down your foes and reap a bountiful tithe of bone with the Praetorian Spearhead, commanded by Arch-Kavalos Zandtos and his bodyguard of five Kavalos Deathriders. Four elite Morghast constructs swoop from the skies, while a Gothizzar Harvester reanimates the fallen and reinforces the 20 Mortek Guard who march unrelentingly across the battlefield.”

40K or AoS for you?!

Author: Larry Vela
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