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Warhammer 40K: Replay A Classic Scene With Captain Titus

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Nov 14 2023

Games Workshop is back with a new Exemplary Battle. And this throwback brings in Captain Titus from Space Marine fame.

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2 is coming soon and to celebrate GW is giving us a quick reminder from the epic conclusion of the first game. This battle (which is free to download) pits the Ultramarines against the Black Legion in a recreation of the battle at the end of Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine.  Let’s set the stage:

via Warhammer Community


Atop one of the forge world Graia’s orbital spires, the Chaos Lord Nemeroth seeks to activate a warp-tainted power source and complete his transformation into a Daemon Prince. Captain Titus of the Ultramarines leads a Space Marine strike force to break through the warriors of the Black Legion and cut Nemeroth down before his transformation is completed.

Captain Titus Revisited

Now, some of you might have noticed that Titus is a Captain in the previous game and he’s now a Lieutenant in the upcoming Space Marine 2. And yes, this game is a sequel so we’re not going backwards in time. So why the demotion? That’s a theory for a different day. The point is that this scenario pits Captain Titus against the antagonist from the first game — and it’s a bloodbath.

Above you can see the deployment map for the battle. It’s a pretty straight forward setup with the attacker and defender rolling off to see who’s who. Now, if you want to play this one accurate to the video game, the Black Legion should be playing the Defender in this scenario and the Chaos Lord Nemeroth should be their Warlord. Why? Because of the special deployment directions:


Also note that the armies aren’t equal in points, either. The attacker gets 50% more points than the defender for this mission. Oh, and I hope your army is painted to a Battle Ready standard because that’s an easy 10VP to score…

Aside from that, the mission’s objectives are pretty simple: Hold those objectives and keep the warlord in the ritual zone. Or kill him if you’re attacking…

There are some interesting choices that GW made for this Exemplary Battle. I’m not quite sure why they upped the points other than to hit the typical Incursion/Strike Force point values. From what I remember from the final boss fight of Space Marine, it’s really just Captain Titus vs a bunch of Chaos Legionaries and some daemons…Although it’s been a while since I played that fight. And I get that they wanted to make this free mission feel just as epic with a bigger battle. So sure, I’ll roll with it.

Also, I think you should get bonus points if you’ve got the actual Titus miniature for this battle. Although, technically, he would still be a Captain and be the size of a Firstborn Marine instead of one that’s clearly gotten the Primaris Protocol…But hey, it’s just for fun!

If you want to give this one a shot, download the mission and grab a buddy. The scenario itself is also generic enough that any armies can play as attacker or defender. Again, just decide that before you build your army lists — the points are different!



Titus vs Nemeroth: Round One. Who’s going to win when you play?

Author: Adam Harrison
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