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Warhammer World Championship Preview Online: Flesh-eater Courts – Summerking Arrives

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Nov 17 2023

The Flesh-eater Courts are next and they have a massive wave of releases coming — and one new model for the Summerking himself!

We knew the Flesh-eater Courts were getting their new stuff soon. Well the feast is here so feast your eyes on these new reveals!

Flesh-eater Courts Reveals



There’s some new ghouls on the way and they have a couple different weapon options to give them this time around.

The Halberds are going to be a thing for them!

Morbheg Knights


It’s fitting that the brave knights of the Flesh-eater Courts finally have some mounted units!

That’s quite the standard for the unit, right?


Varghulf Courtier

It’s cool to see Varghulf back in the action.


A true champion of the court, for sure!


Abhorrant Cardinal

The Abhorrant Cardinal is here to bring the prayers to the FEC. This could be quite a handy support piece for the army.

Royal Decapitator

Sometimes the sentence is death and the Royal Decapitator is here to carry out the execution!



Flesh-eater Courts Army Box

There’s a new Army box for the army release. Here’s the contents:

And the box includes the special edition battletome, too:

Ushoran, Mortarch of Delusion – AKA, the Summerking!

A classic hero from the lore of the “World-that-was” — Urshoran finally has a new model and it’s BIG!


And naturally, he’s going to bring his own Dawnbringers book to herald his arrival…

Dawnbringers – The Mad King Rises – Book IV

Here comes the Flesh-eater Courts!

Author: Adam Harrison
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