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D&D Accessories: Your Characters Will Tower Over the Competition With a Battle Riser

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Jan 21 2024

Battle risers are an underrated and often forgotten RPG tool. But when the monster takes flight, you’ll want to know exactly how far they are.

Even if your part is playing at a table with an entire gridded-out map and miniatures for every character, NPC, and monster, you may not have battle risers at your table. They’re not one of the more glamorous additions to the battle map.

They don’t generally get painted to look good. In fact, you almost want to notice them as little as possible. They’re cold hard utility. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be neat, thoughtful pieces that make your gaming experience easier.

1. Bunkbed Style Riser

If you’re looking for a combat riser that’s a simple and clean utility for your flying character, this is it. It’s just a single-bunk-bed style one-one-top-of-the-other character stacker. But if your character flies, floats, or jumps really well, you may just have to have one party member (or foe) on top of the other.

The acrylic stand comes in three pieces that are easy to pop together. And the clear plastic is all but see-through, so you won’t really even notice it at the table unless you want to.

2. Pick-Your-Height Battle Riser

For options to reach new heights at the table, this riser lets you build for yourself exactly how high up you go. Is your character jumping up a little? Maybe a whole bunch? Maybe you’re looking at a dragon flying way up above the party. This set comes with multiple stands at different heights and everything snaps together. So you’ve got options with this battle riser.

3. Horse Riser

So often I’ll see minis balanced carefully on other random minis to represent horses. Heck, I’ve done this. But there’s a better way. There are horse risers! Aside from giving your character’s beloved horse representation at the table, his can be useful in a few ways.

I feel like we often forget that horses are tall and give characters a substantial height boost. Plus it makes it impossible to simply forget about how your party is traveling. It seems like a silly thing for somebody to forget, but D&D players can be silly.

4. Height Labeled Riser

If you’re not part of the D&D party that periodically forgets what they’re doing and runs after the closest will-o-wisp, you may be part of a party that takes specifics very seriously. That’s awesome, and we also have the battle risers for you!

Never question exactly how high up something or someone is again with these number-labeled battle risers. Plus you can write on them with a dry-erase marker for easy battle note keeping.


5. Multi-Platform Riser

Is there a lot happening in your game? Like a 3D Chess amount of stuff happening? Keep your many levels of multiple adventurers and monsters organized with this multi-level platform riser. There are four four-by-four grids plus the base, so there’s almost nothing at any elevation that can happen without the party knowing about it.

Oh hey! BoLS might make a little dolla-dolla if you decide to buy these items. We need that money to Winged Boots for the whole party.

Do you use battle risers in your game? Did any of our picks make your wish list? How many high-flying or jumping characters do you play with? Let us know in the comments!

Happy adventuring!


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