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In a Galaxy of Bad ‘Star Wars’ Games, This One Might Be the Worst

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Jan 17 2024
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There was a time when CCGs were everywhere and Star Wars was at the peak of its popularity. But this game missed the mark on both.

There are a lot of Star Wars games out there. We’ve already covered a fair number of them so far. Like Queen’s Gambit, Battle At Sarlacc Pit, or Death Star Assault. These games might not all have a ton of compelling gameplay, but at least they look cool. But Star Wars has also had many card games over the years of varying quality.

I think this game was good, but I was a dumb kid at the time. So who knows?

But for every high, there is a low. And, unfortunately, today we are taking a look at what might be the lowest: Star Wars: Force Attax, the card game.

star wars force attax cards
Images via Board Game Geek

Star Wars: Force Attax Overview

Star Wars: Force Attax is a Star Wars CCG released by Topps in 2010. For context, Revenge of the Sith was released in 2005 and the next Star Wars film wouldn’t be released until 10 years later. Granted, The Clone Wars animated series was airing at the time. But still seems like 2010 is a weird no-man’s-land of a time to release a Star Wars card game.

Star Wars: Force Attax is a very simple card game with 190 cards to collect. Each card can belong to one of 3 allegiances and can have one of 12 different character types. Overall, that sounds pretty decent. Nothing outlandish, but fairly decent, right? Well, unfortunately, none of that really matters.

star wars force attax cards
They even come in foils.

Each game starts with players making a deck of 12 cards (already off to a bad start), and must have at least 4 character types with only one force user allowed. To play, players lay all their cards face down. The first player picks a card and chooses Attack or Defend. Then, the other player picks a card and compares stats to see who wins the fight. Then those cards are discarded, and it all repeats. Whoever wins the most of the 12 possible rounds wins the game.

Alright, to be fair, Star Wars: Force Attax is literally for children and did get other expansions throughout the years, which added some gameplay elements. But when Topps doesn’t even have the product on their site anymore, I think it’s safe to take a few jabs at it. But at least you can still buy your collectible Gasgano trading card there.

Just kidding.

Author: Matt Sall
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