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Indie RPG Spotlight: ‘Fever Knights’ is a Rules-Light Game With 90s Vibes

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Jan 25 2024

We’re traveling all the way back to the 90s to fight the forces of evil and embrace that sweet 90s aesthetic with Fever Knights.

You’re probably familiar with the comics and art of Adam Ellis even if you don’t recognize the name. He’s got a very recognizable art style, a very specific sense of humor, and an incredible knack for storytelling. So when he, along with game designer Daniel D. Fox, came out with his own tabletop role-playing game, we were pretty darn excited. Let’s dive into the world of Fever Knights and what makes this game unique and special.

Fever Knights

Recently rules-light games have been steadily increasing in popularity. It’s hard to find a new tabletop RPG that isn’t powered by the apocalypse, and if character creation takes more than fifteen minutes, none of us are having it. Crunch is out, math is out, ease is in. We want to jump right into our games and start having fun now. And Fever Knights definitely fits into that trend. Boasting lightweight rules and 90s vibes, this is a nostalgic game that doesn’t want you to have to work too hard to get into your game.


But honestly, the game’s official description says everything much more succinctly than I was going to:

“You were once a normal, everyday teenager on the verge of adulthood. But after a mystical experience, you developed unusual powers and became something far greater—a protector of humanity and guardian against evil—a Fever Knight!

Fever Knights Role-Playing Game transports you into a retro world that never was. This is a place where the 90’s vibes are still alive: from latchkey kids to Super Nintendo gaming, to cassette players and Saturday morning cartoons, and from urban legends to adventures in the woods.”

This game feels custom-made for tired millennials who want to enjoy a few quick returns to the relative simplicity of being tweens in the 90s.  And it really, really hits the mark.

Character Creation and Gameplay


Fever Knights works off of a modified version of the Zweihänder system. But while Zweihänder is “grim and perilous”, Fever Knights is fun and a bit more simplified. Well, it’s a lot simplified. Zweihänder is a lot and Fever Knights aims to be accessible to veteran and new gamers alike… And crunchy, difficult games are a hard sell on new gamers.

Instead, we have a d100 system where character creation is by-and-large already done. The system even comes with fully scripted introductory adventures to get to know the island your characters call home, and tips to help the GM create their own stories and adventures.

And of course, the art is fantastic. It’s got that specific cartoony style. But in a way that feels like a mixture of the 90s- clothing, accessories, and general feel of the characters- with a little of a Ghibli-esque aspect. Sometimes game art looks a bit like you’ve woken up in a dream, and that’s definitely the impression you get here.

Have you picked up a copy of Fever Knights yet? What do you think of the modified Zweihänder system? Do you have a favorite Adam Ellis comic? Let us know in the comments!

Happy adventuring!


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