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This Week’s Warhammer 40K Products & Pricing CONFIRMED – Flesheater Courts Dine!

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Jan 29 2024

We return to The Mortal Realms, with the new Flesheater Courts set here to take a seat at the table! Take a look at these prices.

The mad undead kingdom of Ushoran is here with an all-new set of minis!  Here are the latest releases.

GW says all of these kits go up for preorder on February 3, and have an unannounced street date.


The Mad King Rises $50 €40 £30

 “Both halves of the Twin-Tailed Crusade are battered and bruised after their battles across the Dawnbringers series, but nevertheless, they continue their endless march through Aqshy and Ghyran in the fourth chapter of this epic story. Unfortunately for these beleaguered Sigmarites, the hungry forces of Death are prepared to welcome them with open arms.

The Mortarch of Delusion welcomes the Ghyranite prong of the Crusade into New Summercourt, where the Sekhar, the Fang of Nulahmia, is weaving a dizzying web of conspiracy that threatens the Dawnbringers. Alongside rules for Ushoran and Sekhar, there is a new Army of Renown with a heavy focus on powerful bloodsuckers, a regiment of renown for all six of Nagash’s mortarchs, the next chapter of the Cities of Sigmar Path to Glory Battlepack, and the return of Triumph and Treachery.”

Ushoran, Mortarch of Delusion $115 €90 £70

 “Going by many names – the Sombre Paladin, the Lord of Masques, the Summerking – Ushoran is the powerful epicentre of the Flesh-eater delusion. A complex character who masks his bestial nature behind a suffocating illusion of chivalry, the Mortarch of Delusion is a hulking brute who casually carves through his foes as he leads his rancid ghouls to victory against the enemies of Nagash. His rules are available in Mad King Rises, and also shortly as a free download on Warhammer Community.”


Fangs of the Blood Queen $110 €85 £65

 “The Fang of Nulahmia is a loyal servant of Ushoran’s rival Neferata. Like her mistress, Sekhar is a duplicitous schemer, bending the will of enemies and allies alike through subtle suggestion and powerful hypnosis. The Fangs of the Blood Queen is the first place you can get Sekhar and her serpentine thrall Ouboroth, alongside 10 Dire Wolves and three Fell Bats.”

Battletome: Flesh-eater Courts $55 €42.50 £32.50

 “Drink deep of the delusion with the standalone release of this battletome, which contains the blood-splattered background for the ghoulish horrors who truly believe they are chivalrous warriors. All the rules you need to bring this army to the battlefield are included, with 27 warscrolls and pitched battle profiles for all of your chivalric cannibals, a wealth of thematic enhancements, Path to Glory rules, and a gallery painted by the ’Eavy Metal team.

Give yourself fully over to the madness of Ushoran with a beautiful limited edition that definitely isn’t a mouldy grimoire plastered with old blood. This edition features a soft-touch cover with gold foil blocking, gilt page edges, and a red ribbon bookmark – a supremely decadent artefact. It is limited to just 300 numbered copies.”

Grand Justice Gormayne $40 €32.50 £25

 “What use is a royal court without a paragon of sound mind to pass judgement upon those who transgress against the will of the Summerking? Grand Justice Gormayne delivers his sentences without a hint of clemency, whipping his minions into a frenzy with spit-flecked orations. “


Abhorrant Cardinal $38 €31.50 £24

 “Blessed with arcane power after sipping from the Carrion King’s chalice, Abhorrant Cardinals are zealous clerics that spread the word of Ushoran across the Mortal Realms. Their stupefying sermons can erode the sense of even the most stoic warriors.”

Royal Decapitator $35 €30 £22.50

 “The Royal Decapitators of the Carrion Court have one job, and they do it exceedingly well. Though pock-marked and rusted, their axes are more than up to lopping off heads for their vampiric lieges, a task which these grim executioners pursue with a demented vigour. “

Varghulf Courtiers $45 €35 £27.50

 “Varghulf Courtiers are the most forgone of all of Ushoran’s servants, vampires transfigured into loping, bestial forms. In their delusion, the Carrion Court views these vile creatures as blessed champions who emerge from their dank cloisters only when battle draws near – but the enemies of the Flesh-eaters see their true, chiropteran* nature, usually as they are being torn asunder by their elongated limbs.”

Marrowscroll Herald $40 €32.50 £25

 “The realms of the Flesh-eater Courts engage in internal relations and diplomacy just like any other kingdom, and the Marrowscroll Heralds are their esteemed envoys. They spread the glorious news of their benevolent liege across the Mortal Realms, leaving a trail of madness and destruction in their wake.”

Cryptguard $50 €40 £30

 “Cryptguards are the sworn bodyguards of the abhorrants, armed with the finest weapons from their armouries. In their minds, these are masterworks covered in filigree, but in reality they are rusted relics steeped in corpse-juices. Even the shallowest cut from one of these foul blades can turn a brave warrior into a gibbering wreck. This box builds 10 Cryptguard with a choice of weapons and heads, plus options for a champion, standard bearer, and musician. “


Morgheg Knights $60 €45 £37.50

 “Morbheg Knights are a chivalric order whose shields and flags bear offal-strewn simulacra of traditional heraldry. Devoted to their abhorrant monarchs, they crash into enemy ranks, ear-piercing howls from their nightshrieker steeds sending foes into disarray as the carnage commences. This box builds three Morbheg Knights with a selection of interchangeable heads, two shields each, and options for a champion, standard bearer and musician. “

Flesh-eater Courts Dice Set $32 €23 £18

 “Pair your army of emaciated ghouls and your dice with the Flesh-eater Courts dice set, which contains 16 sickly grey dice with red ink pips. These dice each feature the Flesh-eater Courts faction icon on the six face.”

All hail Ushoran, the Carrion King!

Author: Larry Vela
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