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Age of Sigmar: A Daughters of Khaine Civil War Is Brewing

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Feb 9 2024

In the latest Dawnbringer Chronicles short, we’re seeing the start of a civil war between different factions of the Daughters of Khaine.

The Daughters of Khaine faction in Age of Sigmar is certainly a complicated one. Their story revolves around Morathi-Khaine and her rise to power. It’s a twisting tale of lies, deception, false gods, and betrayal — just how Morathi likes things. That said, there’s no denying she’s ascended and has created her own following among the Daughter of Khaine.

But there are those who (somehow) still remember and follow the old ways. The Dawnbringers Chronicles has introduced a one such follower of Morai-Heg, the old aelven crone goddess. Krethusa the Croneseer might just cause a fracture in the Daughters of Khaine that has the potential to lead to some wider shake-ups.


You can read the short story Dawnbringer Chronicles XX – Shadows and Lies here. I recommend you do if you want to avoid spoilers ahead as we’re going to dive into bits of this story and also go over some of the long-game implications of this tale.

Spoilers Ahead

An Assassination Attempt Goes …Wrong?

This entire story is about an assassination attempt on Krethusa by one of Morathi’s devotees. Only this attempt was foreseen by Krethusa and she basically let these would be assassins into her lair. Naturally, Krethusa had a counter-attack setup and the ensuing ambush kills or capture the attackers.


For starters this should be a little alarming as Krethusa¬†somehow has the powers of Morai-Heg helping her out. She’s been able to carve out a space that’s a blind spot to Morathi in Ulgu. That’s also a sign something is up as Krethusa is able to conceal a mountainside temple — and all the followers within. It might only be a relatively small space but it’s proof that it can be done and that might be bad for Morathi.

Daughters of Khaine Civil War Ahead

We don’t have all the details yet but I’m wondering what this means for the Daughters of Khaine in the future. How has Morai-Heg returned to power and where did Krethusa come from? I wonder if someone is behind the scenes pulling some strings in order to disrupt Morthai’s rise in power. Who could want to do such a thing…

I’m not saying it’s for sure Malerion behind all this. But it could be a way for GW to split the Daughters of Khaine as a faction into two distinct groups. You’ll have Morathi and her snake-ladies and then you can have the “mortal” aelves join up with Malerion along with Krethusa. It’s not like GW hasn’t done this before or anything…




Oh no wait…that’s exactly what they did with the old Wood Elves and the Sylvaneth range. It’s also a little suspicious that the Dark Elves are absent from the Old World, dontcha think? Perhaps this will be the way we finally see the Umbraneth (aka Shadow Aelves) join Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. Or at least more of them.


If I were Games Workshop, I’d probably still leave the Daughters of Khaine army and range as is. I would just add new Umbraneth units and have them as a separate faction for now — with some crossover options like Witch Aelves and Doomfire Warlocks. Heck, look at the new Regiment of Renown that’s coming with Krethusa as the example:

I don’t know for sure this is what GW is planning but it would make sense. And the rumors are swirling something is coming for AoS this year in terms of a new edition or massive update. What better time to introduce a new army/sub-faction?


Do you think the Dawnbringers story is planting seeds for a Daughters of Khaine split or will this storyline end with a dud?


Author: Adam Harrison
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