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Donald Glover Reveals What the Highly Anticipated ‘Community’ Movie is About

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Feb 8 2024

After some delays, the Community movie is back on track—and thanks to Donald Glover, we now know more about the plot.

Back in 2022, Peacock announced that the ‘six seasons and a movie’ plan was becoming a reality. The movie has slowly been shaping up since. Creator Dan Harmon joined Six Seasons and a Podcast crew to discuss his story plans. The original cast members were confirmed to be on deck—Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Alison Brie, Danny Pudi, Jim Rash, Ken Jeong, Yvette Nicole Brown, and Donald Glover. (Don’t expect to see Chevy Chase.)

Last year, Joel McHale announced to an excited audience that the Community movie would start filming that summer. Production was put on hold during the WGA and SAG strikes, but it’ll be back on track with production starting this summer. 

Community Movie Plot Details

While promoting his new series, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Glover revealed the movie’s premise. After years apart, the characters will be brought together for a college reunion.

Yeah, [series creator Dan Harmon] told me what he wanted, and I was like, ‘This sounds great. It’s a college reunion, but Abed [Danny Pudi’s character] is like this big director now, and basically this is his magnum opus. I’m like, ‘This sounds f***ing tight.’

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What the Heck is Community?

So… you’ve never watched the show. It starts when former lawyer Jeff Winger has to return to college to get a legit degree. He creates a Spanish study group with an eccentric group of students, but they rarely study Spanish. Instead, they get into campus-wide paintball fights, deal with various ridiculous plots to take over the school, build giant blanket forts, and more. They even play with alternate timelines, and there are animated episodes and fantastic guest stars.

Like Rick and Morty? Watch this show (it’s better, IMO). If you like Dan Harmon, watch this show. Do you enjoy things that are funny? Watch this show. The nearly complete six-season run is streaming on both Hulu and Netflix—you’ll have to find the D&D episode elsewhere, though.

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Author: Mars Garrett
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