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Games Workshop Rumor Engine: Pull The Tab

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Feb 6 2024

The new Rumor Engine from Games Workshop is out and it’s got us wanting to tear off one of these tabs and take it home.

Welcome to Tuesday and a new Rumor Engine from Games Workshop! It’s the first Rumor Engine of February, too. This Rumor Engine looks a little odd. But I’m betting you can figure out what you’re looking at pretty quick. So have at it!

via Warhammer Community


“We’ve solved loads of outstanding Rumour Engine conundrums from our most recent preview, but there are still plenty of clues yet unfathomed. We’re adding another one to the list today – get a load of this.”

Rumor Engine – Pull The Tab

So what are we looking at? Well this is some sort of cape or cloak. Or Perhaps a really fancy leather coat. It’s got some sort of camo pattern painted on it and those strange tabs on them. Which, I think, actually gives us a hint at what this actually is. This isn’t quite a ghillie suit, but think this is supposed to be in the same ballpark. That leads me to believe it could be something Imperium related.

I could easily see a Space Marine Scout Sergeant wearing something like this. But I’m also curious about the weapons on the back that are strapped in:


Is that some sort of explosive charge? A Melta-bomb or something new? Perhaps it’s just extra ammo or munitions. Whatever it is, that opens up the possibilities for other things for sure.

Also, I don’t want to write off non-Space Marine options. This could also be something the Leagues of Votann could use. They love to carry a lot of gear with their packs, too. So don’t count them out.

Alternatively, what if this is some new unit for the Astra Militarum? Perhaps they are getting a recon unit that’s wearing a bit more camo. Anyone seen any Ratling Snipers lately?

What do you think? If you’ve got a guess drop us a line in the comments with your theory. That’s the fun of the Rumor Engines afterall!



It’s gonna be another Space Marine Lieutenant, isn’t it…

Author: Adam Harrison
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