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GW Pre-Orders, MtG Dragon Commanders, and More – Weekend Rewind

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Feb 11 2024

Dive into this weekend’s hottest news: how to expand the Custodes range, dangerous D&D Spells, and a Carnage cosplay.

Warhammer 40K: How To Expand The Adeptus Custodes Army

The Adeptus Custodes is a rather tight range of miniatures. With a new codex on the horizon, can Games Workshop expand the army?

Five Spells That Broke D&D

When it comes to D&D, there are broken spells and spells that broke the game. These five spells definitely ruffled some feathers.

MTG: Year Of The Dragon – Top 5 Dragon Commanders

The biggest and baddest of the fantasy monsters, you’ll want to make sure you have fireproof armor when you’re facing these five Commanders.

The Black Library celebration is going on this weekend, and to join in the festivities, snag Ufthak Blackhawk while you can!


Gracie The Cosplay Lass’s Carnage Cosplay Is Sick—And We Know It

She’s dark and dangerous, and the ultimate insanity with this Carnage cosplay.

Carnage Cosplay with permission from Gracie the Cosplay Lass

Wrath & Glory Starter Set || Tabletop Spotlight

Author: Mars Garrett
  • Warhammer 40K: 5 Wacky Ork Weapons