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Kickstarter Highlights: ‘Altered TCG’, ‘8-Bit Theater RPG’, and More

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Feb 5 2024

Come check out this week’s batch of crowdfunding and Kickstarter highlights – including board games, RPGs, and STLs!

Veil of the Eternal Night: Dark Fantasy for 5e and MythCraft


Veil of the Eternal Night is a grimdark fantasy adventure set in the northeastern region of Ancerra in its second supereon during an era of high fantasy. Inspired by gothic horror greats, this massive 3-book trilogy will have at least 700+ pages between the player tome & campaign series. This series is fully developed for two systems and will come in your choice of 5e or MythCraft.


The Warriors of Light are legendary heroes foretold to save the world from a great evil. You are the Light Warriors, who are similar to but legally distinct from the Warriors of Light. If they’re Dr Pepper then you’re Dr Thunder.

See there was this big misunderstanding a few years back and everyone thought you were the heroes who were destined to save the world from certain doom. In truth, you were the certain doom. That doesn’t matter, the important thing is that Chaos was defeated and the Light Warriors were even standing nearby when it happened. Thus they got the Stink of Destiny on them (note to self: workshop a better phrase).

Altered TCG


Explore the unexpected. For fans of trading card games, Altered could very well be a dream come true.


Elementals Collection

High-detail elemental STLs sculpted by M3DM

Mystery Under Magi-Mart

Mystery Under Magi-Mart is a pick-your-path adventure book, taking you on a quest into a dungeon-like shop basement to find a potion. The book’s provides a sense of exploration and discovery without complicated rules or dice-rolls.

On almost every page, you get to pick from two or more actions, each of which will instruct you to turn to a page to see where that decision takes you. Your choices as you proceed through the story will change the ending! Meaning you can try again and see what new paths you might discover.

Vault 5e: Crafting & Alchemy

Crafting & Alchemy — two brand new 5th edition supplements to make your mark on the world! Forge legendary weapons and armor using Hammer & Anvil, and brew fantastical and deadly potions and poisons with Mortar & Pestle!

From the award-winning team that brought you Adventures in Middle-earth, Broken Weave, A Life Well Lived, Uncharted Journeys, and Doctors and Daleks!


Author: Matt Sall
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