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Marvel: Crisis Protocol – Iceman Rules Preview

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Feb 2 2024

Bobby Drake, aka Iceman, is coming to Marvel: Crisis Protocol and he’s got ‘cool’ skills to bring to the tabletop.

One of the founding X-Men, Iceman has been on the team for a long, long time. When he first started out, his powerset relegated him to basically covering himself in snow and throwing the occasional snowball at an enemy. But overtime, the depth of his powers grew as he learned to better master them.

At this point Iceman is one of the most powerful mutants on the planet. If he ever decided to unleash his full powers he could usher in a new ice age. Thankfully, he hasn’t opted to cut loose…yet.


Today we’re taking a closer look at his powers with this incarnation on the tabletop for Marvel: Crisis Protocol. How cool is this version of Iceman? He’s got movement shenanigans and can really chill-out an opponent’s plans. Let’s take a closer look!

Iceman Rules Preview

One of the first things to note about Iceman is that he’s only a Threat Level 3. That’s kind of a big deal because he’s a one point cheaper than a lot of the other X-Men options out there. That alone could allow him to slide into your roster. As far as the rest of his stats, he’s not too shabby either with decent defenses and five health. So far, he seems like a bit of a bargain for 3 Threat.

His builder attack is a Freezing Blast which is actually a Beam 3, 4 dice attack. On top of generating energy for him this attack can also Slow a target if you get a wild. That’s just the first way he messes with your opponent’s plans. Chill is his big spender attack. For 3 energy you get a range 3, dice 7 shot that can Stagger an opponent with a wild. Between the two attacks, he can lock down a target and make them have a bad time getting around!


His superpower is Freeze and Fade which makes him a lot more mobile than his move of medium shows. For 2 power, you get to make an attack action followed immediately by a move action and you count as Size 5 for them move. Why would you want to be Size 5 for the move? Well it actually helps you traverse the terrain of the battlefield as you can move over anything the same size or smaller.

Ice Slide is a quick reaction that can help your squad out. For 2 power you can essentially pick up a friendly and move them. This is a great little repositioning ability. And his final ability is Cold Snap. This causes enemies who end a move action or make an attack within range 2 to come Slow. If they are already have the Slow condition they instead take 1 damage.

Personally I want to add Iceman to my X-Men teams just because the model is cool. The fact that he’s bringing some movement tricks with him is a bonus and for only 3 Threat that makes him a steal. Iceman is coming soon but you can pre-order him now from Asmodee’s webstore.


Keepin’ it cool.


Author: Adam Harrison
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