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Marvel: Crisis Protocol – Professor X & Shadow King – A Battle of Wills

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Feb 3 2024

Atomic Mass Games has sent us a copy of the new character pack for Professor X and Shadow King. We’re taking a closer look at the contents!

I think I’ve been pretty clear that I’m a fan of the X-Men and you can’t really have them without Professor X. That’s why I was pretty excited to this package arrive from Atomic Mass Games. They sent us a copy of the Character Pack for Professor X and Shadow King. Now I’m here to tear into it and show you what’s actually inside!

First up, I did want to mention I do like the new box art style that Marvel: Crisis Protocol has been using post-relaunch of the new core and updated Earth’s Mightiest Core Set. It’s been a cool refresh of the product line and it’s kind of like a second edition. Anyhow, the contents inside are pretty much what you’d expect from Marvel: Crisis Protocol.



You’ve got your bag of cards, your bag of sprues, and a credits flyer that has a link back to the assembly instructions online. More on that later. Let’s start with the Team Tactic cards:

In the box you get four sets of the three Team Tactic cards. Each of these sets is for their respective language. Which is handy if you just want to show off the art and the card rules at the same time. I was also thinking that if I were a teacher of foreign languages it could be useful to use these as a teaching tool. You’ve basically got a little Rosetta Stone set here with the four different languages to compare and learn from. It’s a bunch of game rules…but I’m sure that could be useful to a creative teacher!


For the sprues, you get each character on their respective sprue. This makes building them a pretty straightforward affair. Honestly, I built both of these models without the need of instructions from AMG’s website. They are pretty intuitive to build and they look pretty rad all completed:


While the plastic is relatively thin in some places, it’s a harder plastic that’s easy to work with. I just need to get some primer on these and they are ready to get hit with some paint. Also included in the card packs are all the different language Character cards. These are, of course, double sided with the healthy and injured side on each card:



We’ve already done the Professor X Rules Breakdown here if you want a closer look at that card. As far as the Shadow King, AMG hasn’t released a full breakdown of his cards yet and since I’m just doing an unboxing for the Character Pack, I’ll cover him at a later date.

He is a Threat Level 5 so, yeah, he’s got some mental powers that rival Professor X. I’ll just leave it at that for now. Both of these characters are impressive rules wise and I really like both models. I’m glad they chose the 90’s version of Professor X in the hover chair — it’s like he’s straight out of the X-Men cartoon. Speaking of which, I’m positive that was also my first introduction to the Shadow King as well. I have vivid memories of that episode and how creepy he was on the Astral Plane in particular.

If you’re looking to pick up the Professor and Shadow King, you’ll have to wait for them to arrive in March. For now, you can pre-order the online direct from Asmodee’s website.

Marvel: Crisis Protocol – Professor X & Shadow King


Players will dominate the battlefield’s Astral Plane with the Professor X and Shadow King Character Pack. Both Professor X and Shadow King are mystic manipulators, with unique battlefield alteration abilities. Equipped with Team Tactic Cards that foster devious counterplay, these mental duelists are ready to boggle their opponents’ minds!


From what I understand they now have a regular game of Chess on the Astral Plane…so frienemies?


Author: Adam Harrison
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