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New RPG Roundup: ‘Doomsday Delights’, ‘Across the Eight Directions’, and More

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Feb 1 2024

It’s time to roll the dice on new releases! Come check out this week’s batch of brand-new tabletop role-playing games.

Apocalypse Keys: Doomsday Delight

ATTENTION AGENTS: Tireless work by your colleagues at DIVISION has cracked an indecipherable vault of high-value assets. Anyone with Perihelion level access or higher can now take advantage of Doomsday Delights: a massive supplement for Apocalypse Keys!

Inside this fully-illustrated 107-page expansion, you will find:

  • Three new DIVISION branches
  • Two additional Factions
  • Two insidious Harbingers
  • Three full Playbooks
  • Plus, a complete Mystery: The Company of the Gentry

Assign fresh Agents to one of three new Factions: the subsea research branch of ABYSS, the extradimensional Department of Change which tracks all Reality Shift Incidents, or the temporal guardians of Project HOURGLASS.

Across the Eight Directions

Night horrors stalk the farmlands outside Whitewall, while residents and refugees within struggle with overpopulation and hunger. In the rebel satrapy of Fray, dragonlord Hanto Galina has named herself Empress and laid claim to the Scarlet Throne. Intelligent wolves rule in Wolf’s Paw, adopting human finery and demanding loyalty from human servants. By the Dreaming Sea, Tzakul relicts play their soul game, competing to seize opponents’ bodies.


Varangian astrologers study citizens’ horoscopes, setting social status from the moment of birth. Alien structures loom over Decanthus, a Southwestern city that recently returned from Hell. Smiths in the empire of Makelo produce fantastic works, their craft handed down from the forge-goddess Ninegala. An ominous heart beats beneath the Silverswept Plains, drawing the plains clans into the entity’s inhuman nightmares.

When Death Came to Eldorhaven

In the shadowed realms of an ancient forest lies the quaint village of Eldorhaven, a haven for tranquility and simplicity. However, ominous darkness has befallen this once-idyllic hamlet, as the moonlit nights now echo with eerie moans and shuffling footsteps. A malevolent curse has gripped Eldorhaven, transforming its once-vibrant inhabitants into relentless, undead abominations – zombies that roam the narrow streets, hungry for the taste of the living.

In the desperate throes of fear, the village Baronet has sent out a desperate plea for aid. A mysterious opponent, hidden in the shadows, requires the bravest souls willing to face the terrors that lurk within Eldorhaven’s confines. A group of valiant adventurers, renowned for their skill and courage, is summoned to cleanse the village of its nightmarish affliction.

A Simple Bestiary

What good is an adventure if you don’t stumble upon a creature or two dozen? A Simple Bestiary is a tome of regular and mythological or legendary creatures that you can use in any Simple Sixes Revised setting. Most are geared for a fantasy setting, but with a bit of imagination, you can easily place any of these monstrosities anywhere you like!

A fire-breathing dragon? It could be an alien species on a distant planet in a galaxy as far away as you want, or maybe it’s a mutated gecko in a post-apocalyptic future Earth! A Simple Bestiary is filled with 200-ish creatures to hurl at your player characters. It also includes a comprehensive random encounter system with tables covering almost every terrain type imaginable.


Read Magic – The Compilation

Read Magic – The Compilation brings together spells from multiple adjacent rule systems for use in the 5th edition of the well-known tabletop roleplaying game. In this book you will get:

  • Spell lists for all of the 1st-party spellcasting classes
  • 130 new spells, inspired by spells from multiple editions of the well-known table-top roleplaying game system, Pathfinder 1st and 2nd editions, and Starfinder.

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Author: Matt Sall
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