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Kickstarter Highlights: ‘Sentai & Sensibility RPG’, ‘EVE: War for New Eden’, and More

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Jan 31 2024

Come check out this week’s batch of crowdfunding and Kickstarter highlights—including board games, RPGs, and STLs!

Stellar Drift: A Pull-and-Write Board Game


Repair your broken spaceship! Pull colored cubes out of a bag, then spend them to move around your ship, checking spaces off as you go. You awaken to find your spaceship heavily damaged and adrift near an unstable white dwarf star. Make repairs quickly and get moving again before the star explodes.

EVE: War for New Eden


Board Game adaptation of the iconic EVE Online MMO. The table is set for the grand game of cosmic chess. Make your first move today!

Get ready to lead a glorious faction to ascendancy among the stars! Begin by carefully exploring the galaxy and filling your cargo holds with rare minerals but make sure prepare for opponents lurking in hazy nebulas nearby. Secretlv develop technologies and depldv deadly ships. And don’t linger too long over the millions of scraps from destroyed enemy vessels spiraling into the endless void. Align – to a resounding victory.

Sentai & Sensibility RPG

Like colliding hearts, Sentai & Sensibility brings together the childlike abandon of Sunday morning tokusatsu with the profound joy of regency romance novels. Basically, what if Jane Austen wrote Power Rangers? It’s Bridgerton meets Kaiju!!


You play Gentlefolk — gentry in a British Regency That Never Was. Your life is country parties, social dances, and strolls on the promenade in a new dress – until a Kaiju appears and ruins the afternoon.

You and your Sentai of Rangers will transform (aka Henshin) into a unit of suited heroes. Each week you will defend society from the monstrous organisation known as The Syndicate; who never seem to take your social engagements into account before attacking! It’s hard to find a suitable spouse when you are always punching things from inside your Giant Mecha.

Ruination: Blood Sworn


Ruination is an area control and conflict board game for 2 to 4 players set in the post-post apocalypse. Designed by Travis R. Chance (Forsaken, Path of Light & Shadow, Cthulhu: Dark Providence) with art from Roland MacDonald (Western Legends, Undaunted, Final Girl), this ‘dudes on a map’ game offers innovative play in a unique setting in 20 minutes per player. 

Lead your horde to victory through strategic action selection, recruiting powerful units, scavenging for forgotten tech, and conquering enemy hordes in the desolate Wasteland. Leverage unique deck bonuses, plan combos, and gain favor with The Khan for glory. 

Stormbringers 2

3D printable pre-supported STL bits & miniatures for cold-blooded fans of wargames & RPG battles. Upgrade army with northern warriors!


Author: Matt Sall
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