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Star Wars: Shatterpoint – Commander Wolffe And The ‘Wolfpack’ Preview

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Feb 7 2024

Commander Wolffe and the 104th Wolfpack are coming to Star Wars: Shatterpoint. What will these Clone Wars vets bring to the tabletop?

Atomic Mass Games is showing off the rules for some of the most courageous clones in the Galactic Republic’s arsenal. The 104th ‘Wolfpack’ Squad led by none other than Clone Commander Wolffe. Who are these clone troopers and will they be a secondary unit you’ll want to field? Let’s take a closer look and send in the clones!

via Atomic Mass Games


“Wolffe is a scarred and grizzled veteran of the Clone Wars, having served Jedi Master and General Plo Koon against the Separatists. He has faced great loss in his time aboard the ironically named flagship The Triumphant, when nearly every clone trooper on the ship was killed by General Grievous, with Wolffe enduring as one of the few survivors. Perhaps for this reason, along with the example of Plo Koon, Wolffe has shown empathy and regard for his subordinates. The bonds between the various members of the Wolfpack and their leader are enduring, cemented amid some of the worst fighting of the Clone Wars. Among his other scars, Commander Wolffe lost his right eye in a clash with Sith Assassin Asajj Ventress, and had it replaced with a cybernetic replacement.”

CC-3636, Commander Wolffe

Kicking things off, Commander Wolffe is a Secondary Unit option. He works best with other Clone Trooper units and his abilities reflect that. Flank ‘Em! allows a Clone Trooper unit to immediately climb to a better spot on the battlefield. Pack Hunter is another ability that helps Wolffe become more effective a part of a Clone Trooper force. It adds two dice to a melee attack roll — provided the target is already Engaged with another Clone Trooper unit.


He also has Run and Gun allows him to get some extra movement and still remain combat effective. And of course there’s also Wolfpack which highlights his synergy with other Clone Troopers. This ability really helps ensure your enemies end up taking those crits  instead of modifying them to avoid them.

“Wherever Commander Wolffe takes to the field he is likely to be accompanied by his brothers-in-arms among the 104th Wolfpack, whose loyalty and implacability are well known.”

If you’re going to take their Commander, you probably should take the 104th Wolfpack Troopers, too. They also have Run and Gun and Pack Hunter to help mirror their Commander. They also have Coordinated Fire as a reaction that allows fellow Galactic Republic allies to apply Strained to their targets in range. Between Wolffe and the Troopers, you can see how well they work together.

Between Commander Wolffe and the rest of the Wolfpack, they can take down much tougher targets by working together. As long as you stick with your pack these Clone Troopers will stick it to the enemy!

Wolffe and the Wolfpack are coming in the Lead By Example Squad Pack due out later this month. You can pre-order it now from Asmodee.



This Wolffe doesn’t hunt alone…

Author: Adam Harrison
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