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Warhammer 40K: Age of Sigmar Livecast Recap 2024 – FTN

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Feb 6 2024

Wow.  Sigmar is thriving and this past weekend witnessed the largest Sigmar tournament to date with almost 400 players from all over the globe.

I had the fabulous opportunity to stream the Age of Sigmar tournament on the Games Workshop Twitch channel. As a result I got to witness some absolutely top level Age of Sigmar play and got to hang out with one of the best communities in gaming.

For some it was a way to close out the ITC season and for others it was the first opportunity in 2024 to try and nab a spot in the World Championships of Warhammer.


We recap the event and sing the virtues of the competitors and the community.  The entire group brings such enthusiasm to the event.  It is no wonder why that event is growing every year.  The entire stream team had an amazing time.

It didn’t seem like a surprise to people but there were two Cities of Sigmar players in the finals. It is the most recent book but I don’t think that explains their success. They were phenomenal players. The game came down to tiebreakers. Neither player had much left on the table and it was a joy to watch.

The Hobby segment this week is all about repainting or touching up an old/existing color scheme or army. We have some t-shirts and a really cool sticker up for sale to celebrate us being nine years deep into this show. Check them out here.

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Paul Murphy
Author: Paul Murphy
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