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‘Welcome to Nuka-World’: The Vault Door Opens for ‘Fallout Factions’, aka Modiphius’ Necromunda

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Feb 7 2024

Modiphius has opened the vault doors on Fallout Factions, a new miniatures skirmish game set in the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Fallout.

Modiphius announced the new game earlier this week, Fallout Factions. Hailing itself as a two-player skirmish game offering gamers “a multitude of tactical possibilities”, Fallout Factions is looking to be Modiphius’ take on Necromunda, but in Fallout.

It’s an apt comparison too, given that the game is designed by James Hewitt, whose name you might recognize from Games Workshops very own Necromunda. Alongside the new announcement is a quick start rule set that you can download right now.

Fallout goes Necromunda with new Narrative Miniatures Skirmish Game


If you’re familiar with Necromunda or Kill Team, and if you’re reading here on BoLS, you probably are, then you know the basic premise of Fallout Factions already. You put together a crew of cool wasteland dudes, at press time we only saw different flavors of vanilla human, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the full game includes a lot of familiar Fallout faces, from ghouls and Protectrons to the odd Super-Mutant or power-armored figure. With your crew assembled, you then lead your team of four to ten dudes into furious tactical miniature combat.

Fallout Factions uses a d10-based system that promises to be “great for both beginners interested in exploring miniature war gaming and veterans looking for fast games full of tactical nuance.”

Fallout Faction Rules Brief

In a nutshell, you’ll put together a pool of d10s and roll them, trying to get under your relevant SPECIAL stat score. You’ll count up your number of hits to see how well you do the thing you’re trying to do. Along the way, there’s inch-based movement, terrain, and true line of sight—all the usual bells and whistles you’d expect in a game like this.

Only once you’ve finished all the fighting, there’s an ongoing narrative arc that will follow your Crew’s journey through the Wasteland. Only one crew can become top dogs – might as well be yours. This suggests a campaign mechanic that players familiar with the ongoing inter-hive drama of Necromunda will know well. Fallout Factions wants you to track the epic highs and lows of miniature skirmish combat. It’s no high school football, but then again, you’re way less likely to get a concussion playing Fallout Factions.


You can play the game right now with a set of free quick-start rules and any Fallout miniatures you happen to have sitting around. And that’s not too unlikely, considering that Modiphius makes a different Fallout miniatures game, Fallout: Wasteland Warfare. This will be handy, considering that you suddenly need a lot of scavvers, psychos, and more.

But the heart of the new Fallout Factions game is the two-player box set that’s up for pre-order right now. In the Battle for Nuka-world starter set, you’ll get everything you need to play the game, including two full crews of miniatures, a rulebook, and all the dice, tokens, and even terrain you’ll need to play. Though the game will use slot-together terrain instead of the multipart plastic kits, you may be used to from the games workshop.

Pre-order the Fallout Factions starter set today.

Miniature skirmish combat, miniature skirmish combat never changes.

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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