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Age of Sigmar: Two New Commemorative Edition Miniatures Available For A Limited Time

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Mar 25 2024

These Age of Sigmar characters are only around for a limited time. Snag them from Games Workshop and commemorate the current edition!

There’s a new edition of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar on the horizon but that doesn’t mean GW is done with the current edition. In order to give this edition a proper send off GW is releasing two miniatures that celebrate the current storyline and edition. These two miniatures represent the Kruleboyz and the Stormcast Eternals who spearheaded the launch of this edition.

via Warhammer Community

Killaboss Zagnog

“We begin with Killaboss Zagnog, a leering Kruleboy lieutenant with a brutish black-iron Boss-hacka slung nonchalantly over his shoulder, and perhaps the finest skareshield yet seen on any orruk. This conniving hero is particularly useful for preventing other Kruleboyz from quitting the field after losing Battleshock tests – persuading them that it’s All Part of da Plan.”

I don’t know if I’d call that look carefree but Killaboss Zagnog does have a “nonchalantness” to him. I’ve always liked that about the Kruleboyz. You can tell they are Orruks, but there’s something different about them. They are skinny, almost gaunt-like but have a sneakiness about them. Perhaps that’s why Zagnog appears so relaxed — he knows something his enemies don’t.

Knight-Arcanum Mordern Tzane

The other commemorative miniature is the heroic Knight-Arcanum Mordern Tzane. This miniature is for the Stormcast Eternals and has a that air of authority, focus, and determination about him.


“This solo hero can be built with his left hand empty or conjuring a Blaze of the Heavens, a signature spell that deals D3 mortal wounds to an enemy unit.”

Personally, I really like the “warrior-mage” look this miniature has. As Knight-Arcanum he knows how to sling magic and swing his sword. This pose looks dynamic and the robes give him some motion — I can dig it!

How to Get These Miniatures

You can order either (or both) of these miniatures direct from But there’s a few other things you need to know:

“The miniatures will be available for a limited time only. Both Mordern Tzane and Killaboss Zagnog will be on sale directly from the webstore – but Tzane will be added to your shopping basket for free when you spend £150 in one go. And if that weren’t enough, if you spend £100 you’ll get a free discount code for Black Library worth £10!


This promotion is open from 10am GMT on the 26th of March until 10am BST on the 29th of April.”

Now, just in case you’re not the type to do money conversions in your head (or read the terms and conditions) GW has a quick breakdown of how much you’d have to spend in your local currency.

  • GBP 150
  • USD 240
  • EUR 195
  • JPY 28500
  • SEK 1800
  • NOK 1650
  • DKK 1500
  • AUD 420
  • NZD 510
  • CAD 300
  • PLN 750

So celebrate this current edition of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar as it draws to a close. Snag these miniatures direct or maybe buy a battleforce or two…

Author: Adam Harrison
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