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Horus Heresy: GW Says Command Squads Kit On the Way

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Mar 28 2024

It’s time to glam up your 30K army with the new plastic Legion Command Squad kit, just unveiled by GW. Take a look!

GW has been slowly and steadily chipping away at the massive Legion unit roster since the launch of 30K last year. Today, an important bread and butter unit – Command Squads get their day in the sun with an all-new plastic kit. Here’s the details from GW:

“The Legion Command Upgrade Set is a new plastic frame with 27 upgrades, perfect for fitting out your Command Squads with all the extra pomp and pizazz they so clearly deserve. On top of all the plastic bits, you’ll also get a new Legion Command transfer sheet in the box, which includes 463 decals.

You’ll score five combat shields and five regular power swords, two alternative power swords – one sheathed, the other gripped in a bionic arm with an empty sheathe – and a bolt pistol, plus numerous arms and hands to put them all to work. The kit also contains four artificer pauldrons, a helmet under one arm, and 11 heads – three bare and eight in fancy helmets.”


“What really sets a Command Squad apart from any other collection of exemplary Veterans is the detailed Legion standard they hold aloft. This kit includes options for a large hanging tapestry or a more compact standard, with four interchangeable icons themed around Loyalist or Traitor Legions.

This upgrade set is compatible with both Legion MKIII and MKVI Tactical Squads. For those who urgently need a gang of appropriately armoured heavies to stand by their characters and look menacing, you’ll also be able to pick up Legion Command Squads ready to go, in different boxes for either armour mark.


Each will contain one sprue of five Tactical Space Marines, the standard Tactical Squad accessory sprue featuring bayonets, a power sword, plasma pistol, and a power fist or lightning claw, as well as the new Legion Command Upgrade frame and transfer sheet.”

Not bad. It takes them a while to explain exactly what you get in the box, but it’s a full Command Squad in MK.VI Corvus armor, with the Command Squad upgrade sprue thrown in. It’s based on the default 30K Mk.VI tactical sprue, giving you 5 Legionaries, but if you’re a converter, (aren’t we all), the Command Squad bits work just fine with the Mk.III, and Mk.IV plastic kits. So no matter what your army’s vibe is from early, or late Great Crusade, all the way over to Horus Heresy, You’re good to go.

No word on when this is coming out, but GW tends to not reveal things until they are 1-2 months away.

Have a happy Heresy!


Author: Larry Vela
  • Warhammer 40K: The Luna Wolves - Horus' Own