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Introduce some Psychic Terror to Your 5E Campaign With ‘Beyond the Gate’, ‘The Missing Mead Mystery’, and More

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Mar 29 2024

Mysteries, maps, and terrors of the psychic variety are all available in this week’s 5e compatible tabletop RPG roundup.

It’s time to roll the dice on new releases! Come check out this week’s batch of brand-new 5E compatible tabletop role-playing games.

Depths of the Godblood Serpents

An ancient nation once populated entirely by goblins, Bint was established in Blackdew Swamp millennia ago. In the modern day, under the influence of their new leader, Saint Burk, the people of Bint now openly worship the godblood serpents who dwell in the nearby Bay of Monsters. Weekly sacrifices and cannibal feasts are meant to appease the godblood serpents. However, there is a growing discontent in the nation. Many Bintans disagree with Burk’s leadership and his insistence on bloody raids, senseless violence, and blind worship. Though certainly feared, Burk is not respected.

Saint Burk seeks adventurers daring enough to brave the tempestuous shoreline and plunge into the depths of an underwater labyrinth. Bioluminescent fungi cast an eerie glow upon the treacherous waters where the boundary between the material plane and the abyssal depths of the godblood serpents thins. Burk beseeches the party to recover the long-lost relic, the “Amulet of Tides,” buried within the labyrinth’s cryptic chambers. This artifact possesses the power to communicate with and influence the vengeful godblood serpents, potentially earning Burk their favor.

This book contains an adventure from the Djorde setting, built for the 5e system and suitable for level 5 characters. Note that battlemaps for individual rooms are not provided for this adventure, although an overall adventure layout can be found inside.

Beyond the Gate

Beyond the Gate is a mystery adventure one-shot set in the world of Terramyr that will have your party investigating a series of disappearances near an old set of ruins at the far southeastern corner of the Middle Kingdom.

This one-shot TTRPG is fully 5e compatible, designed for players of levels 1-3, and includes options for increasing the difficulty for savvy players (including 3 versions of the final monster!).

This manual contains all new and unique content including 18 new monsters, 13 NPCs, 5 custom maps, and an all-new mini-game! This adventure has enough to keep your party going for at least 4-6 hours whether you play as a stand-alone or use one of the hooks inside to drop it into your existing campaign.

The Missing Mead Mystery

The harvest feast is only a few days ahead, and along with it a most-anticipated wedding between two young townspeople. But the mead that brings good blessings has gone missing! Do you have what it takes to bring back the mead in time?

This is a 5e adventure for a 1st-level party and is easy to slot into any existing adventures.


Expected game time: 1–2 sessions.

The Missing Mead Mystery is a 5e-compatible adventure zine created in collaboration with friends from Heathen Mead.

Psychic Terror

“A secret invasion threatens the greatest magical kingdom to ever exist while its sorcerer king lies trapped within his mind. Hiding within the bodies of soulless nobility, the invaders are nearing the final step of their cataclysmic plan. You are all that stands between the nation and complete arcane annihilation. Will you be able to stop the body snatchers before they take control of the government, or will all bow before the destruction and horrors of their reign?”

Psychic Terror is a one-to-two session module for 9th-level characters built for Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition, complete with an article containing three new Dream-related ancestries (races) to play as, 3 dream-themed magic items, 2 maps, and a total of 7 new creature stat blocks.

  • Module (1), Psychic Terror
  • Magic Items (3), Pendant of Skin Shifting (Wondrous Item [necklace], Rare), Staff of Dreams (Weapon [quarterstaff], Very Rare), Sweet Dreams (Weapon [pair of daggers], Very Rare)
  • Maps (2), Malfas’s Dreamscape, King’s Chamber
  • Stat Blocks (7), Body Snatcher, Cerebral Parasite, Cloaker, Doppelganger, Greater Nightmare, Lesser Nightmare, Onus the First Wave
  • Variant Rules (3), Spell-like Abilities, Shifting Movement, Dazed Condition
  • Articles (1), Three new Dream-related ancestries (races; Id Shade, Dreamwalker, Dream Denizen)

Fearsome Folklore Maps

This package contains high-resolution images of the maps used in the Fearsome Folklore modules, as well as compressed 70DPI versions. This will allow you to print, or use them in VTT systems such as Roll20 or Foundry.


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