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MTG: Saddle Up with ‘Outlaws of Thunder Junction’

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Mar 26 2024

Preview season has begun, and it would be a crime for you to miss it… or target your opponents.

Welcome in, Praetors, Planeswalkers, and Pardners! It’s time for the big heist! Outlaws at Thunder Junction has finally entered preview season, and it’s a wild set. Set in a Western-themed realm, it brings together some of our favorite heroes and villains for a train heist-style story. Oko, the fae trickster of Eldraine fame, has brought together a team from across the Multiverse to help him rob a Fomorian vault. But what could he be looking for?

OTG is bringing a lot of fun new mechanics to the playing field, representing the careful planning and dubious morality of the denizens of the plane. Are you planning on helping the villains? Or will you choose the side of justice and stop the criminals in their tracks? There are plenty of fun new options either way.

It’s Crime Time

OTJ introduces a new mechanic called “crime”. Several cards have different or stronger effects if you’ve committed a crime in the same turn. Doing so is simple: you just have to target your opponent or anything on their field or in their graveyard. This is a land of criminals, so do unto others before they do unto you.

Plot your Opponent’s Demise

Before you commit a heist, you need a plan. In OTJ, that means plotting some of your spells. Spells with a Plot cost can be exiled from your hand for said cost and then cast as sorcery for free on a later turn. This lets you dodge counters, bait interaction, or just prepare for a big turn. Plus, since they’re cast from exile, you have a ton of interaction with previous sets.

Go on a Spree

When one crime isn’t enough, it’s time to go on a spree! Spree is a new mechanic similar to kicker but with a few extra steps. When you cast a spree spell, you choose any of the other costs to get their effects. Spree abilities trigger in descending order, so the higher it is on the card, the higher it sits on the stack.

Wanted: Outlaws

If you want to commit a crime, you need a team. Outlaws are a new classification of creatures that bring together some of the less savory creature types, similar to the “party” mechanic. Several cards trigger based on the number of outlaws you have or when an outlaw deals combat damage or attacks. There’s even a precon based around them, so if you want to play the bad guys, you’ll be all set.

There’s a lot more to be excited about for Outlaws of Thunder Junction! Check out the preview Twitch stream here.

Author: Clint Lienau
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