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Star Wars: Legion – New Units Revealed at GAMA ‘Bad Batch’ Confirmed

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Mar 5 2024

Star Wars: Legion is getting four new boxed sets coming soon from Atomic Mass Games. And the ‘Bad Batch’ is one of them.

The GAMA Expo is happening and lots of news is coming out from Atomic Mass Games right now. We’ve got folks at the show and here’s what they are reporting back for Star Wars: Legion!

Fifth Brother & Seventh Sister Operative Expansion

The Operative Expansion for Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister is out later this month and is already up for pre-order. These were first showcased at the Ministravaganza and mentioned on the road map.

Ranger Troopers Unit Expansion

Coming in May, the Range Troopers have a price of $39.99. These were also shown off previously.

Republic Clone Commandos Unit Expansion



The Clone Commandos are coming in May also and have a price point of $34.99. Delta Squad inbound!

Bad Batch Operative Expansion

The big news was the reveal of the Bad Batch Operative Expansion. This one is slated for a July release and has price of $49.99. This also ties back to the teaser we saw from the AMG Ministravaganza as well.


And yes, that’s from the Shatterpoint reveal but clearly this was something else that AMG was cooking up.

That’s four new units coming to Star Wars: Legion. There’s also the massive re-sculpting project that’s currently happening with the miniatures from the line to take them from the soft plastic to new hard plastics. That project should see older kits re-released in 2025.


That’s all from AMG at the GAMA Expo (for now). There’s more news coming!

Author: Adam Harrison
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