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Star Wars: Shatterpoint – ‘Bad Batch’ Hunter, Wrecker & Omega Rules – Send In The Clones!

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Mar 13 2024

The Bad Batch are coming to Star Wars: Shatterpoint and we’re getting our first look at the units of Hunter, Wrecker and Omega!


Sometimes you gotta think outside the box and that’s where the Bad Batch can step in and do some dirty work. I’m not sure how to feel about a child being “adopted” into a squad of warrior-clones, but that’s how Star Wars rolls. Anyhow, we’re getting a look at the rules for a few members of the Bad Batch and they are ready to take to the tabletop!

via Atomic Mass Games

“Arising from the same clone vats of the watery world of Kamino as millions of others, the Bad Batch was a result of unusual genetic experiments. Each trooper possesses an unusual mutation bestowing unique battle capabilities. Each member of Force 99 bears a simple nickname embodying their role in the squad. “

Clone Sergeant Hunter

Serving as the leader of the Bad Batch Hunter’s genetic augments increase his situational awareness and give him keen senses. These boosts make him an excellent tracker and thus the moniker of Hunter.


As you can see from his abilities he’s got some nice boosts for Bad Batch members but he can also help generic Clone Troopers (albeit not quite as effectively). Still, if you were really wanting to run a Clone Trooper heavy squad then I could see you choosing Clone Sergeant Hunter and a whole bunch of Clone Trooper units. He’s got some movement tech as well as some abilities to help your units get more effective attack and defense rolls. Really, these abilities just help with overall consistency of your other units performance on the tabletop.

His two stances offer up different a focus. Huntsman is better for longer range engagements while Knife Fighter (as the name implies) is better for melee. Both options can be deadly and have solid defenses for their respective distances.

Wrecker & Omega

“Wrecker and Omega form one of the most unlikely but potent duos in the Bad Batch, combining brains and muscles. It might be said that Omega is too young to be in combat, but that won’t stop her from helping her brothers. Omega can keep a low profile and stay out of harm’s way, leaving the heavy lifting and incoming fire for Wrecker to endure.”


Hey, if you’re going to have a meat-shield, Wrecker is a nice wall to hide behind. And this unlikely pair does a good job of using both member’s strengths.

This secondary unit has quite a few tricks to play. Bulldoze adds in some extra movement and also can push an enemy while HAHAHAHA, Yeah!!! allows for an extra shot. Also, I Wasn’t Sneaking… provides yet another attack that can tip the balance in your favor. This is another unit that’s good for generic Clone Trooper units but better for Bad Batch units, too.

Stance-wise these trees are both designed to represent who’s calling the shots — either Wrecker or Omega. That said, both stances are pretty solid for Ranged, Melee, and Defensive rolls. Both options provide damage boosts but Boom is a bit more “punchy” while Tuning Out Distractions offers some more varied options.

Clone Force 99 Squad Pack (aka the Bad Batch) is currently up for pre-order and has a release date set in April.



They call you the Bad Batch? Oh …I get it.

Author: Adam Harrison
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