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Star Wars: Shatterpoint – Gwarm And The Weequay Pirates Rules Preview – A Pirates Life

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Mar 16 2024

Atomic Mass Games is showcasing Gwarm, the right hand man of the Ohnaka Gang, and the supporting Weequay Pirates.

It’s a pirate’s life for these predatory gangers. The Weequay Pirates made a living during the Clone Wars and now they are looking to score more profit on the tabletop in Star Wars: Shatterpoint.

via Atomic Mass Games

Gwarm, Hondo’s Right Hand

“Gwarm is a longtime veteran of space piracy and shows no qualms killing when the situation calls for it. As a lieutenant of Hondo’s gang, it falls to him to direct lower ranking pirates and ensure they perform as expected. “

As the lieutenant of the Ohnaka Gang, Gwarm keeps order with an iron fist. While he works best with Weequay units, he can also influence Scoundrels, too — although not as well. He can provide some extra movement to Weequay units as also provides some extra dice in melee for them. He’s also got some healing to hand out which is also handy. And when it comes to a fire-fight, Gwarm can lay down some damage with Sharpshooter [2].


While his attack track isn’t that flashy he has loads of damage and pushes along the way. Really you want to gang-up on a target and just pummel them until they go down with Gwarm around.

Weequay Pirates

“The Weequay Pirates have several simple but very useful abilities to facilitate the schemes of Hondo or Gwarm. Raiding Party allows these nimble pirates to expend a Force token to Climb to a lofty position as they always prefer to strike from the higher ground.”

They really aren’t that flashy but that doesn’t mean they aren’t effective. They also bring Pack Hunter with them so other Weequay Pirates units also get the benefit of bonus dice on melee attacks with them around.


Ideally, you’re going to soften up targets at range with Gwarm and then once you move in  to take or hold an objective you’ll be swarming the characters with Hondo, Gwarm, and the Weequay Pirates. Those bonus dice should tip the scales in your favor. Hopefully, Steadfast kicks in and they can keep those objectives, too.

Remember these guys are Pirates and not soldiers. They need to hit fast and hard. And then they need to get out with their plunder so they can live to do it again!

These Pirates are current up for pre-order and will be available in April.

There’s profit to be made…if you’re willing to get your hands dirty.


Author: Adam Harrison
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