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Upcoming ‘Mass Effect’ Board Game Has Plenty to Work With

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Mar 10 2024

Mass Effect: The Board Game – Priority: Hagalaz is a cooperative, story-driven game set during the events of Mass Effect 3.

Thanks to the same publisher that brought us the open-world adventure Skyrim board game, we will soon have a Mass Effect board game! Modiphius Entertainment recently announced their plans to bring the critically acclaimed video game to the tabletop.

According to Modiphius, the Mass Effect board game will be a cooperative and narrative game set during the events of Mass Effect 3. On the remote world of Hagalaz, a research cruiser has crashed directly in the path of a raging storm. Commander Shepard must lead Liara, Tali, Wrex, and Garrus through the cruiser to uncover its secrets before the storm hits.

The game will allow branching story paths where the narrative evolves with your choices. Additionally, players will be able to customize and upgrade their squad’s abilities, equipment, and powers. Optional loyalty missions unlock unique powers, allowing for even further upgrades. The information we have now also hints at a “card-driven AI system”, which sounds very interesting. Obviously, at this point, we can only speculate how that might work.

Modiphius has brought us other great titles, such as the Fallout RPG, Dune: Adventures in the Imperium, and plenty more. But it makes the most sense they will draw a lot of inspiration from their time with the Skyrim board game. If we assume there will be some overlap in terms of design, I think it’s safe to assume the Mass Effect board game will do an equally great job of capturing the real essence of Mass Effect.

But for now, we can only sit and wait for more news as it comes. However, you can sign up for the mailing list on Modiphius’s site to get news as it happens.

Author: Matt Sall
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