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Warhammer: The Horus Heresy – Solar Auxilia Reinforcements Up Close And Personal

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Mar 30 2024

We’ve got the Solar Auxilia Veletaris Storm Section, Malcador, and Leman Russ Assault Tank in the studio. Reinforcements have arrived!

If you’re playing in the Horus Heresy and you’ve been waiting to start a non-Space Marine army now is the perfect time. The Solar Auxilia have gotten a TON of releases and they are in a really good spot. The recruitment drive has been strong with this Imperial Army and now these kits are showing up and are ready for war. Today, we’re looking at the new Solar Veletaris Storm Section, the Leman Russ Assault Tank, and the Malcador Heavy Tank — all new and in plastic!

Veletaris Storm Section

The Veletaris Storm Section is all about the elite void armour wearing Veletarii. They can either come with volkite chargers or (in our case) two-handed storm axes!


Both options come with plenty of arms so you can mix and match them to build the squad you want.



Personally, I really like the amount of detail these miniatures have — it’s all the little stuff I appreciate about them. The tubing, the armor plates with little rivets, and the fact that they look like they are prepared for combat on any environment. Their void armour has always stood out to me as it looks like it could handle deep space or a toxic atmosphere. No wonder the Solar Auxilia marched alongside the Astartes Legions to help “pacify” the galaxy…

Leman Russ Assault Tank

The iconic tank of the 41st Millennium is back once again — this time with a 30k twist! This is the Leman Russ Assault Tank and it comes with a few different options than it’s Strike Tank counterpart. As a different kit, you’ve really got the different turret options: a demolisher cannon, advanced Executioner plasma cannon, or the volkite macro-saker.



It certainly has that Leman Russ look we all know from 40k, but it also has a different feel to it. This version looks more like the “show car” model of the Leman Russ while the 40k version feels more like the model that actually has been produced. And, in real life, the 40k version is older so that makes sense. The technology has changed and this version is an improvement from a technological standpoint. What’s great about that is you can chalk up the differences in the 10,000 years of production differences. Perhaps in the 40k time period, they were forced to cut some corners and remove some features. But this version during the Horus Heresy has all the bells and whistles (and also rivets) of the “original” design.

Malcador Heavy Tank

The Malcador has been around for a while but this is the first time we’ve gotten the full-sized version in plastic! This is a great addition to the range and it’s a nice “pocket super-heavy” to have for any Solar Auxilia player. Personally, I really love this load out of the tank as it’s “all las-cannons, all the time!”


It’s a big miniature, too. It’s not as wide as say a Baneblade. But it’s long. The Malcador is like a stretched limo (or stretched Leman Russ).



We’ve got a resin Malcador here it the studio from Forge World and once this plastic one is painted up you won’t be able to tell the difference — unless you pick them up and compare the weight of course!

The Veletaris Storm Section, Leman Russ Assault Tank, and Malcador Heavy Tank are all up for pre-order from GW currently. They are slated for an April 6th, 2024 release.


Which of these Solar Auxilia reinforcements are you most excited for?

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Author: Adam Harrison
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