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Huge LEGO Star Wars Galactic Senate Diorama has 500,000 Pieces

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Apr 23 2024

This massive brick build of the Galactic Senate Chamber from Star Wars includes half a million pieces and hundreds of minifigs.

Brickstory is at it again—a team of five builders (with some community support) built a massive model of the Star Wars Galactic Senate Chamber. The location is featured heavily in the prequels and Clone Wars series. The chamber is where Jar-Jar Binks handed the Republic over to the Sith, Yoda failed to kill Palpatine, and rebellion leader Mon Mothma cut her teeth.

via Star Wars

The chamber houses representatives from all over the galaxy. The Supreme Chancellor conducts from a podium in the center, and in order to speak, a senator’s platform floats out into the chamber. The room and the building that houses it are enormous.

LEGO Star Wars Galactic Senate Diorama

The team built the massive diorama from the frame up using 500,000 pieces. The build pushed the LEGO pieces to curve into a structure that’s overall it’s 13 feet wide and over 6 feet tall.

Framework via Brickstory

This Lego Star Wars Galactic Senate is a feat of engineering and LEGO know-how. The diorama includes specialty bricks from a bunch of random sets—like the Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse set that came out in 2020. They also had a few custom pieces made for the podium.

via Brickstory
via Brickstory

The front of the diorama was built in organized sections. Each entrance and senator’s pod was built one by one. Brickstory Builds enlisted the help of visitors at a local event to get those done in short order. When connected to the frame, the pods even arc down the wall in the way they do on screen.

It’s a truly impressive and gigantic build that has a lot of easter eggs for Star Wars fans. The time it took wasn’t shared, but I’m assuming a collective hundreds of hours. Check out how they build the Lego Star Wars Galactic Senate…

A closer look…

Ultimate Collectors Series Republic Gunship

Don’t have the room or time or extra hands to build something that large? Add another important player in the Clone Wars to your LEGO builds—the Venator-Class Attack Cruiser. This giant set includes authentic features such as striking red stripes, a command bridge, and a hangar containing a brick-built scale model of a Republic Gunship. At 43 inches long, it’s a massive model that will definitely garner attention.

  • 5374 pieces
  • 2 minifigs – Captain Rex and Admiral Yularen
  • Flight stands and display plaque
  • 12.5 in. (32 cm) high, 43 in. (109 cm) long and 21 in. (54 cm) wide
  • Complete it with a custom light kit


Author: Mars Garrett
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